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Re: ad services links in text

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Tony wrote:
>> I'm not aware of any offhand, but try to find a more customizable
>> affiliate program, where you can place links in your text instead of
>> ads. People are MUCH more likely to take seriously a link in your
>> text (make it relevant, of course). I think most people just ignore
>> ads anymore - which is why pay-per-impression doesn't go over so
>> well lately.
> There is nothing to guarantee that you will get good value by
> embedding some of these fake, dynamic links (that's how I perceive
> them).

I wasn't referring to dynamically generated links like that. Which is why I 
said that I don't know of any such programs - but I'll bet you can find 
them. Rather, I meant SPECIFIC links to specific sites - albeit ones that 
are paid for the click-through. Content-based, and relevant to your subject.

>They usually rely on some JavaScript or something else that is
> ugly and not necessarily compatible with the browser. I saw some
> sites where the technique is being used and it was slow, distracting
> (links added while you read) and questionably unethical because the
> ads invade what you read and try to sway you off. They are obtrusive.

Again, not quite what I had meant. What you describe, I would agree with 
your assessment.

Tony Garcia
Web Right! Development
Riverside, CA

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