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Re: google position

__/ [Borek] on Friday 28 October 2005 09:26 \__

> On Fri, 28 Oct 2005 09:45:17 +0200, rzulty <rzulty0@xxxxx> wrote:
>> Does refreshing the page or visiting it frequently help? I know that it
>> is impossible for google to monitor how frequently the site is being
>> visited but there is this thing called PageRank when you install google
>> toolbar... Does it do anything?
> As Roy wrote - forget about the problem ;)

Glad to find consent. *smile*

> Google sometimes monitors clicks with some java script, regardless of
> wether you have G toolbar installed or not.

They use some mechanism of redirections to trace paths users take when de-
parting from results pages. That on its own is an analysis, which can tell
if a site is supposedly spam, e.g. whether the user returns to the SERP or
not.  That mechanism also caters for inferences, .e.g the number of  esti-
mated  referrals a site gets. Thus, referrals can be 'handed out' based on
some pre-allocated quota, if needed.

> Toolbar sends url of the
> page to G to ask for the page PR. It seems plausible that these urls
> can be added to the "links to be spidered" database, as there are reports
> of googlebot spidering pages that should be not visible (they are not
> linked too) but were visited with browser with toolbar installed. But
> I don't think it is a proven fact. In fact there are very few proven
> facts when it comes to Google :)

Alexa do that (namely crawl hidden pages). I don't know who else though...

> PageRank is kind of measure of the page importance - the more pages
> links to the page, the higher PR it have. Google for Page Rank and
> random surfer model if you want to know more. The problem with PR
> is that as it is the only information exported by Google it is
> given much more attention than it is worth - it is only one of
> many factors G takes into account. It is better to have high PR,
> but it doesn't decide anything on its own. You know how it goes -
> it is better to be young, rich an healthy, but you may be happy
> without these three ;)
> Best,
> Borek

Nice  analogy, Borek. I find that PageRank scales almost linearly when  it
comes  to precedence. It scales logarithmically (base 7-8?), however, when
impact/links ('BackRub') are considered.


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