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Re: How to Improve this Newsgroup

__/ [Carol W] on Sunday 04 September 2005 18:21 \__

Hi Carol!

> On Sat, 03 Sep 2005 17:22:12 +0100, Roy Schestowitz
> <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>__/ [Toby Inkster] on Saturday 03 September 2005 08:41 \__
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> It quickly slides into non-technical issues and dialogues that are hard
>>>> to follow.
>>> No point in turning this group into another alt.html. We already have
>>> alt.html for that.
>>Yes, but HTML <> Webmaster.
> Depends. Some webmasters don't do the HTML but work on other
> components within the site. Some webmasters only do/use HTML and not
> anything else. Then you have webmasters who seek out new content ideas
> for those sites - which some of the conversations on this NG can/may
> inspire. Webmaster can be a broad term ...
> That doesn't mean this group has to be another HTML or "all techie,all
> the time" group.

I truly think that it would be nice (given protocols other than NNTP) if we
had a 'front room' and a 'back room' (lounge) so we could have pleasant
talks among our peers and share stories about our lives while not mixing
the 'noise' (note scare quotes to mitigate the meaning) from the signal.

> <personal view>
> I cut back even lurking in a  couple of the 'technical' groups due to
> them becoming increasing colder, in my opinion. Some good advice still
> shared in those groups ... but ... I just don't enjoy their atmosphere
> any more.. A shame actually as I lurked/sometimes posted in a few of
> them over the past *mumble* years.
> </personal view>

I know exactly what you mean. Then again, I /personally/ prefer not to get
involved at all than to get involved in something that might become
unpleasant. I am not anti-social, but when thread in AWW mushroom, I have
less time to relish on conversations in other groups.

>>I am still reluctant to get involved in threads,
>>which in this newsgroup can go on for a very long time, even when not
>>labelled [OT].
> Your option as some people simply do not enjoy long threads or
> non-technical discussions mixed in with technical ones.
> I enjoy those threads which has this group a bit more welcoming and
> rounded out in atmosphere. Even with my current online time
> limitations I regularly download this group's and one other NG's
> posts to enjoy with a fresh pot of coffee.

We have something in common. I have become notoriously-noted due to my
obscenely high coffee consumption. *wink*

> Can those threads get out
> of hand from time to time? Sure - happens, in a different way, on the
> technical groups. *shrug*
> Not every NG with a technical term somehow in its name has to try
> being "technical discussions only". ;)

True. Just to present the other side of the story, it might become confusing
to people who join the group and feel left out, noticing that 70% of the
traffic is concentrated around a clique of 'regulars'.

> I find it enjoyable to let my (short) hair down while reading and
> enjoying techie discussions. You may notice I do that also in another
> group you mentioned also enjoying .. that atmosphere can be atmosphere
> can be casual and having threads dwindle to off-topic bantering
> between people - although I admit most of those threads do not go on
> for weeks but some have been revisited by creating new threads to
> reference back to those prior discussions/debates/et al ... so, in a
> way, can go on for months.

In the other group you are referring to, namely alt.internet.search-engine
(I assume so), long threads usually discuss issues revolving around search
engines and sometimes Web programming and design. I know very little about
the personal lives of the 'regulars' there.

>>I respect everyone else's preference, which evidently is
>>>largely different than mine.
> It would be a dull world if everyone and every group was expected to
> fit into the same mold - in my personal opinion. Something to set
> yourself or a group apart from others isn't a bad thing. After all,
> don't webmasters try to give tsites individuality to help those be
> different from other sites on the web?
>>Like I said, this message did not embrace the
> Carol

Overall, you make a strong argument. I look forward to more big threads. At
least I now know how others feel about it. *smile*


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