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Re: Windows Sucks - A Wakeup Call

Roy Schestowitz once pondered into the vast depths of his mind and came up
with this to say:

> I  strongly agree with AZ Nomad on this one. I had to forcibly argue  with
> my  mother  as she insisted on buying a new PC. Her machine  was  infested
> with worms despite the defences that my sister had set up. It was hopless,
> so  Windows had to be installed from scratch. Guess what? It was fast  and
> satisfactory  therafter...  until a few software installations  (Registery
> bloats) and inevitable infections.

Honestly, I love Linux, but with Norton Internet Security updated and
running, and free versions of SpyBot, SpywareBlaster, and Microsoft
Anti-spyware, as well as a retail version of AdAware running (all kept
up-to-date) I've haven't been infected with a worm/trojan/virus in years
and adware/spyware/malware is kept in check. However, that's a lot of work
running sweeps of my hard drive for all the various apps, and some require
manual updating of the definitions files. With Linux, ClamAV updates itself
(looks for Windows viruses only, since there aren't any Linux viruses), and
SpamAssassin and BogoFilter pretty much maintain themselves, too.
Adware/spyware/malware isn't even a concern, and an occasional purge of my
browser cache and cookies takes care of any concerns there.
> The  computer (as in "hardware") industry must be cashing in on neglected,
> thrown out machines, which infected day by day and burn up resources. This
> also  enables  Microsoft  to force upgrades and sell more licences  for  a
> reportedly  larger  number  of  workstations (something  that  Apple,  for
> instance, are unable to do at quite the same level).

Those same people should steer clear of Linux. Hell, they should just stay
away from computers altogether...

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