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Re: Windows Sucks - A Wakeup Call

__/ [ JEDIDIAH ] on Monday 24 April 2006 15:29 \__

> On 2006-04-24, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> __/ [ AZ Nomad ] on Sunday 23 April 2006 17:13 \__
>>> On Sun, 23 Apr 2006 10:26:54 -0500, JEDIDIAH <jedi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>....just bought an external disk for the mother-in-law. Her machine
>>>>has started to get sluggish and she thinks she needs to buy a new one.
>>>>She probably just needs to do some housecleaning. But, I am not
>>>>interested in going to that sort of trouble so I will not suggest this. I
>>>>don't do Windows anymore.
>>>>Anyways, she will get a new and faster machine without really needing
>>>>one simply because her old one is not maintainable.
>>> That is so incredibly common it's not funny.
>>> Probably more than half of all pc sales are due to windows being
>>> unmaintainable.
>>> Choice 1: bring it to the PC shop yet again, pay $150 for cleanup
>>> Choice 2: buy a new PC for $400
>>> After the third time of choosing #1, #2 starts looking very attractive.
>>> Until the new PC needs to be reloaded.
> The mother-in-law just got bit by this. The first thing she asked
> me was whether or not she could move her old applications to the new
> machine. Now aside from the likely security problems on the old machine and
> the risk of contaminating the new one, I had to tell her that Windows isn't
> built like that.
> She was a bit disappointed.
> [deletia]

Settings are not files, sadly. Registry (ignore several embarrassing typos in
my last post), on the other hand, can  probably be copied, yet not
partially. It's all far from trivial, espcially to amateur users. Then come
DLL files, which you can never move with confidence. Version differences
make this impossible. The last time I did this I was using Windows 95 or 98
and I can't recall if the transition between installation was a complete

By the way, it was only yesterday that I needed to restore old settings for
XMMS. Some were plug-in-specific. All I had to do was to copy ~/.xmms over
from backup on one machine to another.

Best wishes,


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