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Re: Insultng behaviour

__/ [ [H]omer ] on Friday 21 April 2006 15:22 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [ Leslie Danks ] on Friday 21 April 2006 11:07 \__
>>> spike1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>>> Well, try telling the same thing to the wintrolls. They insult linux
>>>> here far more than we insult windows, last I looked.
>> An important point was omitted. Wintrolls should have never subscribed to
>> this newsgroup in the first place. They are vandals. Community vandalism
>> is what led to the use of the term 'Internet trolls', which is an ethical
>> offence. Nothing else.
> Is there such a thing as a poster who is *not* a Troll in an advocacy
> group?

Yes. That which does not upset the participants of the group, by negating the
very definition. A Linux advocacy groups appeals to those using Linux or
those who are interested in learning about it. There is no place here for
people who preach in favour of Windows. There are Windows advocacy groups
for that. Anyone who ignores this is only fooling him/herself.

> If everyone who slips in the occasional personal insult, in the midst of
> a heated debate, were to leave the group, this NG would suddenly be empty.

How many insults do you see exchanged amongst Linux users?

> Unless you think that the very presence of a Windows *user* in this
> group constitutes Trolling? But then if there was nobody here from the
> opposing team, who would you advocate to? It would be like preaching to
> the converted!

No. The words are reaching Internet archives and are being read by curious
to-be O/S converts. The impact is greater than you imagine.

> It's been said time after time, in many different ways; advocacy groups
> are not meant to be warm fuzzy friendly places.

This does not justify the presence of opponents and flamers. If there was a
devout church down the road, would you march in naked just for spite? Or an
attempt to 'educate'?

> Oh, and while I'm on the the subject of warm and fuzzy, I'd just like to
> give a <wave> Hello to the group ... yes I'm back after two years in
> Africa, and not a day too soon either.
> <Sigh> ... said I wouldn't come back to the NG but ... advocacy is just
> too compelling.
> -
> K.
> /* Is this the right room for an argument? */

I think of this group as a good place for exchange of information re. Linux
progress and merits. The rest is noise, which you can easily kill file based
on name or subject line. That's just my own perspective anyway...

Best wishes,


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