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Re: [News] Jim Allchin: "Windows Vista Has Been Done Two and a Quarter Years"

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Handover Phist <jason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> Mark Kent :
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>> Handover Phist <jason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>>> Erik Funkenbusch :
>>>> On Sat, 28 Oct 2006 04:06:53 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>>> What did Microsoft learn from Vista?
>>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>>>| Q: You say you've learned a lot from the whole Longhorn/Vista
>>>>>| development process. Could you share some of these lessons?
>>>>>| Allchin: What you really want to do is componentize, get the
>>>>>| stuff done, make sure you understand the dependencies, easy as
>>>>>| one, two, three. But you need to understand those dependencies
>>>>>| and then you put the pieces together. And without that, your
>>>>>| ability to build large, complicated products -- could be cars or operating
>>>>>| systems or whatever -- it doesn't scale. 
>>>>> `----
>>>>> http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=65
>>>>> So, Mr. Allchin has kindly explained to us why GNU/Linux works.
>>>>> Over 5 years since Windows XP...
>>>> He says what i've been saying for a long time.  Vista development has only
>>>> been going for less then 3 years.  From the article:
>>>> "Then you say, well, what in the world did you guys do before then? And
>>>> I'll say the following: There's a whole set of products that we're not
>>>> getting credit for that we did ship. Three versions of Media Center, two
>>>> versions of Tablet, and Windows XP 64, a Windows 2003 Server, a Windows
>>>> 2003 SP 1, which has X64 in it, and a service pack which by any other means
>>>> would have been a release, called Windows XP SP 2, which I had thousands
>>>> basically of people across ¡X if you total everybody who had something to do
>>>> with it ¡X involved in it. I just took these people basically offline."
>>> In this argument, I have to say Eric has a point. MS has spun out a
>>> bigass amount of code in the last few years. I've seen a lot of it in
>>> action, and products like that dont get built without a massive amount
>>> of programmer hours going in. Everyone's eyeballing Vista, but dont
>>> forget that there are probably more than a hundred other products
>>> they've put out since XP went out the door. More when you look at
>>> console and embedded.
>>> If they had concentrated on the OS it might rival Ubuntu, hell maybe
>>> even RedHat! ;)
>> This is such a joke.  MS have managed a couple of ports, and an
>> application tied into an OS (media centre).  In that time, Debian has
>> grown from something like 2,500 packages to something around 7,000
>> packages, and Microsoft are pleased because, with all their resources
>> and people, they've managed to produce 9 things.  Wow.  Great.  Well
>> done, guys.
> I dont say the stuff I say lightly. MS has spun out a ton of code. OSS
> devs have spun out more, but that just because they're more numerous.
> And better coders.
> With a better system.
> But dude, with whet they're working with, they've done tons!

Hehe - yeah okay.   I think that the OSS chaps have been producing code
at something like 100 times the rate of MS, but then, you have to
consider that MS have been flogging the Windows corpse, desperately
trying to get another round out of it.  Personally, I think it unlikely
it'll be a success, but then, that always depends on how you define
success.  There will always be corporate buyers who'll take the easy
route, and MS can probably rely on some of those for at least another

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