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[News] Migration to Mandriva GNU/Linux for Virtually Everything

Network Gulf helps Unilever embrace open source solutions

,----[ Quote ]
| Based on NGIT recommendation the entire IT infrastructure except for the 
| ERP was migrated to Mandriva Linux platform. The key components included 
| desktop workstations, file sharing, mail server, proxy server, firewall, 
| virtual private network (VPN), antivirus, WAN and backup solutions. 
| Furthermore, Unilever Iran could use Mandriva Linux for a variety of 
| applications such as Office productivity, internet, multimedia, gaming, 
| advanced programming, web server, database server, LDAP server, FTP server, 
| DNS server, NIS server, file server in a Windows environment, email 
| internet server, print server, and much more. 


List of candidate Microsoft astroturfers (directly or indirectly paid by
Microsoft to post in this newsgroup):

        Larry Qualig (former Microsoft employee)
        Scott Nudds (AKA Vistaking)
        Erik Funkenbusch (formerly an anti-OS/2 astroturfer)
        flatfish+++ (Gary Stewart)
        Damian O'Leary (AKA Hadron Quark)
        Nedd Ludd
        Tim Smith
        Ana Thema

Take everything posted by the individuals above with grain of salt. Microsoft
has already been caught paying forum members to spread lies about rivals,
e.g. http://worldcadaccess.typepad.com/gizmos/2005/11/2_grassroots_an.html
Suggested filter list: http://colatrolls.blogspot.com/

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