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Re: [News] OpenGL Gets DirectX/Microsoft's Knickers in a Twist

Hadron wrote:

> Snit <usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> "Peter Köhlmann" <peter.koehlmann@xxxxxxxx> stated in post
>> 4950ec51$0$31331$9b4e6d93@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on 12/23/08 6:49
>> AM:
>>> Chris Ahlstrom wrote:
>>>> After takin' a swig o' grog, Peter Köhlmann belched out
>>>>   this bit o' wisdom:
>>>>> Hadron wrote:
>>>>>> its this fannying around that got OGL left behind in the first
>>>>>> place.
>>>>>> But of course COLA and reality are two different things ....
>>>>> Idiot.
>>>>> Now get google going and read what OpenCL is.
>>>>> Hint: It is not at all what you think it is.
>>>>> Whenever one thinks that you could impossibly come up with dumber
>>>>> posts, you sure surprise anybody here. You can obviously always get
>>>>> dumber. And you just did.
>>>>> Now how about a rerun of your tripwire blunder, "kernel hacker"
>>>>> Hadron Quark? By now you should be ready to repost misrepresented
>>>>> claims
>>>> Let's not get into the game of retreading all of LHC's Linux/OSS
>>>> blunders,
>>>> shall we?  We haven't got all day.
> I recognised the style! Yip yip!
> It appears you have been sucking up to long to read my comments
> yourself.

Your "comments" are worthless. You are a worse liar as Snot Glasser is, and
*that* is quite an accomplishment

> We do not need OpenCL. There are better things to be doing. importantly
> - promoting the usage and adoption of the OpenGL standards we have which
> perform adequately without any further standards or architectures to
> enhance processing.

*You* don't want OpenCL
It is too dangerous for you MS astroturfers to have new technologies
available for linux
Especially for the fact that architectures != x86 are supported. Might pull
the rug directly from under MS 

>>> Well, I did not propose that the linux advocates do the rerun.
>>> Hadron "tripwire wizard" Quark did with his hilarious tripwire
>>> blunder. He
> There was no blunder. You were wrong. And now you try to rewrite
> history.

Nope. You proposed tripwire as a solution in a scenario where it is
impossible for it to function 
Here, let me help you find it again:
Message-ID: <4939880d$0$31878$9b4e6d93@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

*You* in your total incompetence pulled out a scenario out of your hat
where the user downloads *and* installs a tampered with package (just lets
assume for now that this actually /could/ be a likely scenario)

And shout how tripwire is made for detecting such "bad things(tm)"

It isn't. It can't. 

>>> learned that special "debating technique" from Snot Michael Glasser who
>>> also, when totally spanked, starts to open *new* threads, totally
>>> misrepresenting what happened, and without any reference whatsoever to
>>> the thread where he got spanked.
> I did not get spanked Peter. 

Naturally not. *Must* be the reason you were opening a totally new thread,
with no references whatsoever just like your ass-buddy Snot Glasser does
so often when spanked.
You could not continue in the thread where you were shown to be utterly

Here, for your convenience:
Message-ID: <gi86cu$io$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Unless you think Chris Arsestrom kissing 
> your arse is a spanking. No. That's a licking. He does it a lot.

No need to try to pull someone else into it.
You got spanked severely all by me alone. Nobody else initially
participated in your "education session", "tripwire wizard" Hadron Quark

>>> Hadron Quark is really a piece of work. I always thought that
>>> incredibly dishonest swine like Snot Michael Glasser don't come in
>>> pairs, but seems I am wrong. Snot Glasser has a twin brother equally
>>> dishonest and lying like himself
>> You sure beg for my attention a lot.

So Snot Michael Glasser still scans the groups trying to find where his
idiocy might be mentioned again.
Poor Michael Glasser. Nothing to do for lack of competence, so he trolls
usenet 24/7 
You're genuinely bogus.

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