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Re: Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Attacked by the MAFIAA

On Oct 23, 12:39 pm, Homer <use...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Verily I say unto thee, that Phil Da Lick! spake thusly:
> > Guns are a murderer's tool however we're still waiting for them to be
> > banned from sale in the US. Nice double standards there.
> Not according to their logic it's not. In the Land of Nothing Is Free
> "Intellectual Monopoly" violation is ranked more heinous than murder,
> since they seem to value exploitation and greed above life itself.

This sort of thing's been around for awhile,
regrettably; recall for instance the uproar about
showing the wrong bit of Janet Jackson's anatomy
(hello, everyone has a pair, even the males!) during the
Super-Duper-Whopper-Oopsie!-Bowl XXXVIII aye-yey-yii!
game in early 2004.  Oh, the calamity!  Oh, the depravity!
Oh, the morality!  Oh, the raucous screaming and wailing
and gnashing of teeth!

Meanwhile, some of the soaps can get mighty explicit,
I've been given to understand (I don't watch them), and
anyone with half a clue can find certain websites.  One in
particular might be alternatively called "Iranian feline
house pet" and many here would instantly know exactly which
one I'm talking about, once they're told what ancient
country Iran used to be a part of; another I might call
"stuff goblin"; still another's name relates to either
a mythical planet orbiting closer to Sol than Mercury,
or a planet which is part of Star Trek's Federation,
one of whose members was played by Leonard Nimoy.

Such sites show a *lot* more than a wardrobe malfunction.

(Fortunately, the courts voided the fine, according to the
Wikipedia article, and certainly I rather doubt it was
all that intentional anyway.)

And then there's the drama shows where someone gets shot
once every 5 minutes or so, not to mention the occasional
"thug" video, and the highly excessive (if very cartoonish)
violence that was evident even back in the early 1930's
or thereabouts, once the animators got past the "sing and
dance" phase of their work.  I don't see how a person can
easily recover from having a 16-ton anvil or weight dropped
on their head in real life, but cartoons routinely recover
after a short pause (and in many cases flying birdies of
various colors around their head tweating chirpy songs)
-- assuming they don't fall off a cliff in the meantime.

Reality is a little grimmer, even for a milder form
of head injury:


Now, some of the toons I've seen, at least among hentai
anime, I wouldn't want to put on prime time, and sex
has always been a weird taboo in US culture (and rather
off topic regarding Linux, but one wonders what taboos
*we're* touching here!), but I know which case I'd prefer
to prosecute:

- A cop/detective charging someone with indecent exposure,
  lewd behavior, or both.
- A cop/detective having to deal with a homicide, and a
  perp waving a gun, a grieving SO/relative, or both.

Or perhaps, since this *is* a Linux group:

- A copyright violation of code being allegedly lifted from
  SCO and installed into the Linux kernel.

That last one will be *very* dry compared to the other two... ;-)
(and fortunately decided in Linux's favor, if I'm not mistaken).

> Shooting people is just a way of passing the time while they wait for
> another victim to exploit. That - and watching Reality TV shows about
> other gun-toting maniacs and gangsters exploiting people for the sake
> of greed. In that respect, I suppose one could categorise American TV
> more as Edutainment - a "training programme" for the American Dream®.

Edutainment?  Or propaganda?

One wonders.

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