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Re: [News] Why Flash is Evil: Spyware to the Max

On Sat, 18 Oct 2008 01:41:59 +0100, Homer wrote:

> Verily I say unto thee, that Tony Sivori spake thusly:
>> Even after following the instructions (including setting storage to
>> zero to prevent future infestation) on the imasuper.com and Adobe
>> websites I still have two .sol files, plus many more "shared" files
>> that are from specific websites, like Office Depot. Best Buy, YouTube,
>> and news sites.
>> There's even one from Twitter, and as best I know I never been to that
>> site. I know I've never used Twitter.
> Try the sledgehammer approach:
> rm -fr .macromedia/* .adobe/*
> chmod 400 .macromedia .adobe

I'm tempted.

> You could also try an SELinux policy that effectively blocks
> libflashplayer.so from writing to context user_home_t.

I've found that turning off local storage breaks Flash. I set the local
storage to zero. The next day while browsing newegg for a video card, I
found that trying to view the detailed pictures resulted in Flash asking
for permission to store local content. Most annoyingly, the picture I
wanted came up, but the permission box blocked it, and the permission box
could not be dragged to the side. Denying permission didn't work either,
when I did that the picture went away.

Long story short, if you want to use Flash, you have to allow local

I guess the best solution (for me at least) is to purge the stored Flash
files whenever I decide it is time to delete browser cache, history, and

Tony Sivori
Due to spam, I'm now filtering all Google Groups posters. 

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