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Re: [News] Why Flash is Evil: Spyware to the Max

On 2008-10-19, Tony Sivori <TonySivori@xxxxxxxxx> claimed:

> I've found that turning off local storage breaks Flash. I set the local
> storage to zero. The next day while browsing newegg for a video card, I
> found that trying to view the detailed pictures resulted in Flash asking
> for permission to store local content. Most annoyingly, the picture I
> wanted came up, but the permission box blocked it, and the permission box
> could not be dragged to the side. Denying permission didn't work either,
> when I did that the picture went away.
> Long story short, if you want to use Flash, you have to allow local
> storage.
> I guess the best solution (for me at least) is to purge the stored Flash
> files whenever I decide it is time to delete browser cache, history, and
> cookies.

You could run the browser from a script, and at the end of the script,
when the browser quits, have it purge all of the flash buildup. Then
you can have flash while browsing and not store anything other
companies can track. You could also run NoScript and FlashBlock and
only allow those places you want allowed to begin with.

I do the latter. But I'm considering the former. I usually run the
browser from a script anyway. Then I can adjust which installed Firefox
is used when I choose to have multiple versions and/or one I install
manually that's not in the default location.

Windows doesn't have any bugs. It just develops random features.

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