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Re: Apple's prospects in the recession

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____/ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Sunday 19 October 2008 13:59 : \____

> [Times are bad.] And yet, at the helm of the good ship Apple, all
> seems well.  Steven P. Jobs calmly keeps the company on the same
> course it has been following since the skies were clear...all
> [analysts], it seems, list Apple as a buy...[quarterly report
> anticipated...]
> The numbers will undoubtedly document Apple’s momentum in taking
> market share from Windows-equipped PCs. Yair Reiner, an analyst at
> Oppenheimer & Company, wrote earlier this month that he expected sales
> of Apple’s desktop models to grow 13 percent, to 4.3 million, in the
> 2009 fiscal year and notebook sales to increase by 12 percent, to 6.76
> million. Even if the industry suffers a downturn, he expects that
> Apple will suffer less than its competition and will still gain market
> share. “The upshot is that even against a very bleak macroeconomic
> backdrop,” Mr. Reiner said, “Apple should be able to continue
> growing.”
> Apple need not be much concerned about its rival Microsoft, which can
> do little but bang its head against the wall in despair about the
> Vista fiasco. As if Microsoft’s marketers had not suffered enough
> indignities, Computerworld gleefully discovered last month that some
> images for Microsoft’s “I’m a PC” campaign posted on the company’s own
> corporate site had been created with Macs. (Microsoft has since
> scrubbed away the incriminating mention of the Mac in the images’ meta-
> data.) As well as Macs are doing, analysts say Apple’s greatest
> potential resides in the iPhone. Andy Hargreaves, an analyst at
> Pacific Crest Securities, describes the iPhone as “the hottest
> consumer electronics product in the world,” a “game-changing product”
> that outdistances wireless players on the hardware side, like Nokia,
> Motorola and Research In Motion, and all the players on the software
> side, too, including Microsoft, Symbian and Palm.  [Effect of iPhone
> on earnings...]
> Mr. Reiner, too, is looking forward to the earnings announcement with
> more than the usual interest. Apple has had great success in part
> because it has convinced customers to turn away from a $1,000 Windows
> laptop and to buy its $1,600 laptop instead for its stunning displays
> and ease of use...
> Looking beyond the immediate quarter, and even beyond the next
> calendar year, Mr. Reiner said he was extremely optimistic about
> Apple’s future — because of the iPhone, which is a miniaturized
> computer with, incidentally, phone functionality....
> IF hard times do arrive, Apple has a perfectly clean balance sheet,
> with $20.8 billion in cash and no debt. The biggest problem that its
> corporate treasury faces is what to do with the cash, which Shannon
> Cross, of Cross Research, estimates will grow to about $30 billion by
> the end of 2009.
> </Quote>
> http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/19/business/19digi.html

It's not about balance sheets. Given the price of Apple products, they should
prepare for suffering. People can't always afford an Apple PC, so they might
as well convert the existing one/s to GNU/Linux.

If anyone is poised to gained here, it's Linux. Ironically, pricing helps more
than freedom.

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