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Re: [News] Abuse of Intellectual Monopolies Does Not Work for Slaughterhouse

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____/ JEDIDIAH on Friday 20 February 2009 16:09 : \____

> On 2009-02-20, chrisv <chrisv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Homer wrote:
>>>What's more "mindless", needless brutality for entertainment and profit,
>>>or complaining about that needless brutality?
>>>Attempting to marginalise those who are appalled by this vile activity,
>> Well, there are shades of gray, here.  I would not call rodeo a "vile
>> activity".  On the other hand, I *would* call bullfighting a "vile
>> activity".  Is being a rodeo animal worse than pulling a plow through
>> a field all day?  I would think not!  How about race-horses?  Is that
>> a cruel existence?
>> One could argue that all animals have to "pull their weight" in this
>> world, including humans, many of whom work their lives away in shitty
>> jobs, just so they can survive.
>     A rodeo is an exposition of professional skills. Those coyboys are
> showing off the same skills that they use to get food to your dinner
> plate. It's not just about creating a spectacle for civilians. That's
> the real point of PETA and the inconvient truth that everyone is dancing
> around.
>     If you're a vegan then fine... whine. Otherwise, you need to take
> a serious look at yourself first.

There is a way to kill an animal without torture. Killing/roping animals for
play is no source for pride, either. The bushmen in Africa actually apologise
to animals that they kill for food.


MS exec's hunting trip: illegally chased and shot 4 antelopes


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