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Re: [News] Chrome for GNU/Linux Chooses GTK+

Homer wrote:
Verily I say unto thee, that Matt spake thusly:

Well, I am always happy to see a living Puritan.

Your contempt for the principles of Freedom is noted.

You are imagining things. It would be good if you could control your thoughts and words.

But you have never answered my claim that you can build your pure future software world from the remnants of the present...

Your "claim" was that, in a world where the only available OS was
Microsoft Windows, I should use that platform to rebuild the Free
Software ecosystem from scratch.

Elsewhere I claimed that the purists can go on as they always have, except forming just the core of the future body of Linux users, that core alone being similar in size and attitude to the whole current body of Linux users. That core would make up say 2% of computer users in the future just as Linux users make up 2% of computer users now. But the core would be at the center of a body of formerly-Windows-using Linux users.

Since that core would be as big as the current body of Linux users, it would be big enough to have several fairly-well maintained distros, just as there are now enough Linux users to give rise to Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, etc., besides hundreds of obscure, peculiar, and special-purpose distros.

I stated I would rather stop using computers /completely/ than do
anything which supported gangsters like Microsoft, financially or otherwise.

You reinterpreted that to mean I would refuse to utilise any non-
Free software for the task, whereas my assertion pertained /only/
to Microsoft.

Your closing remark was some vacuous comment about "bad guys" and
"being silly", thus showing your utter contempt for the doctrines
of Freedom ... again, and indeed a lack of principles in general.

You don't know what you're talking about.

The fact that Free Software /could/ be recreated from scratch, on
Windows or any other non-Free platform, is obvious, and therefore
needs no confirmation. The fact that I would refuse to do so (use
Windows) for ideological reasons, is something that is apparently
not so clear to you, as is the possibility of creating an OS with
/no/ pre-existing development platform at /all/ (a point that you
have so far failed to answer).

Yes, I am well aware that that can be done. Here is my answer: if it delayed the evolution of FOSS by a year or a month, I don't believe fastidiousness or pride in keeping away from evil MS product would be worth it.


Congratulations, you found your magic keyword.

COLA's equivalent to Godwin's Law, I guess. Sorry, I guess I shouldn't throw that word around carelessly. I'm sure everybody here has had the term applied to them, and it usually doesn't feel good.

Can anyone ever get to heaven once they have used Windows?

Here's mine:


I notice that in your responses, you have a habit of ignoring and cutting out the most important parts.

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