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Re: Please name a cross-platform FOSS app that is failing

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____/ Matt on Thursday 29 January 2009 15:41 : \____

> Peter Köhlmann wrote:
>> Matt wrote:
>>> Rainer Weikusat wrote:
>>>> Matt <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>>> Could you please stop crossposting this drivel to
>>>> comp.os.linux.development.apps?
>>> I could stop cross-posting.
>>> But I am trying to answer an important question, and I want to get it in
>>> front of people who are likely to know the answer.  Can you help?
>> His qualification of your garbage as "drivel" should have answered that
>> question
>>>>> Chris Ahlstrom wrote:
>>>>>> After takin' a swig o' grog, Matt belched out
>>>>>>   this bit o' wisdom:
>>>>>>> Please find for me a FOSS project that:
>>>>>>> * does not have a Windows-only FOSS equivalent
>>>>>>> * is made to run equally on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux desktops
>>>>>>> * is not growing
>>>>>> Why?
>>>>> Well now why do you think a cross-platform advocate might ask it?
>>>> I think that a MS-advocate, as you quite obviously are,
>>> obvious to someone who is wrong
>> Nope, he is right. You posted nothing by MS shite in COLA.
>> You are, quite simply, a troll
>>>> asks such
>>>> questions in order to again deliver one of his boilerplate speeches.
>>>> [...]
>>>>> Okay, I got a little sloppy in stating my question.
>>>>> Along the lines I intended, let's try this:  Show me a Linux-only app
>>>>> that is growing better or being used more _on Linux_ than an
>>>>> equivalent cross-platform app is growing or being used _on Linux_.
>>>> Show me a popular cross-platform app which is being used 'on Linux'
>>>> (whatever that is supposed to mean)
>>> I didn't know that it was somehow ambiguous.
>> It was anything but clear. But that was, naturally, your intention. You
>> need the possibility to redefine your "requirements" on the fly
>> < snip  pure, unadultered garbage >
> Is there some Linux-only app that is thriving better on Linux than an
> equivalent cross-platform app?


Sonbird isn't quite there yet and Amarok focuses not on ports.

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