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Re: Obama picks BSA's antipiracy enforcer for high-level post

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
"Ezekiel" <zeke@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Are you kidding - Schestowitz work??? Roy's never had a
job in his life and is a student on the "10 year" plan.

Funny. I've worked since I was about 13 or 14. I think I began
with babysitting.

I finished my practical work at the university around 2005/06.
You know it because you were here in COLA under your nym du
jour, probably "Scott Nudds" or linuxsux or something...

Roy, he's just another luser troll stealing bandwidth from COLA. To a troll, nothing of virtue is of value. They are nothing but a bunch of liars, thieves, time wasters.

He lives in a dorm room and leaches off someone else's
ISP connection.

I live in a studio apartment and I have a 100 Mbit/connection.

I don't see how any company in it's right mind would
hire a wack job like Roy given the amount of lies and
dishonesty that he's posted on the web.

Funny I've been *approached* with offers, even 6-figure wages.

It is just another example of an ad hominem attack. Attacking the poster rather than critique the merits or weaknesses of one's arguments.

Companies want people who will work... not some idiot
who's going to spend 24/7 pushing his personal agenda.

How is Freedom a personal agenda? perhaps you live in a world
or mindset of selfishness, so you assume the same about

See above.

Quando omni flunkus moritati
(If all else fails, play dead)
- "Red" Green

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