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Re: [News] Vista 7 Stinks Badly on Sub-notebooks, GNU/Linux to Capitalise

____/ Megabyte on Sunday 08 March 2009 21:33 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> ____/ Sinister Midget on Sunday 08 March 2009 18:44 : \____
>>> On 2009-03-08, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
>>>> ____/ Megabyte on Sunday 08 March 2009 16:11 : \____
>>>>> Terry, if Linpus Lite is so great why aren't you and everyone else
>>>>> running it on your desktops?  Linpus Lite is just that, a "Lite"
>>>>> simplified version of Linux for Netbooks.   In terms of Xandros, many of
>>>>> the Linux users purchasing an Eee quickly dump it for their favorite
>>>>> distribution.  Check out some of the Eee Forums on the web if you don't
>>>>> believe me.  In addition, can you pick-up an Eee PC 1000HE with Xandros?
>>>>> So the newest Eee model with the best battery life of all Netbooks on
>>>>> the market isn't being sold with Xandros?  Dell seems to be the one OEM
>>>>> that has done things right by using Ubuntu.  The fact that 33% of their
>>>>> netbook sales are Ubuntu machines and return rates between XP and Ubuntu
>>>>> models are the same speaks volumes.  As much as you can argue the merits
>>>>> of Linpus Lite and Xandros, average consumers and some OEMs seem to see
>>>>> it differently.
>>>> I've met a person (online) who insisted strongly against anything but the
>>>> ASUS distro. He got burned by paying $120 for XP (it was crap on the Eee
>>>> PC he said) and he didn't want anything but a simple distro with large
>>>> icons. He liked it simple.
>>> I'll admit I wiped Xandros. But I just found recently that one can get
>>> away from the launcher interface to a regular desktop. I also ran
>>> across a HOWTO for getting rid of unionfs so it doesn't use so much
>>> space on the drive. So I might try that when I finally get the SSD
>>> (next week) that will require a reinstall anyway.
>>> There were a thing or two that came with that particular distro that I
>>> liked. If not for using up so much of the drive (to keep a second copy
>>> of itself) and the interface (it might work if it was a bit more
>>> tunable) I might not have started looking elsewhere.
>> It didn't cost ASUS anything to 'print' some default distro on the drive.
>> There are many free distros that suit different crowds. There are at least
>> 10 of them that specifically target these devices.
> Absolutely, choice is a good thing.  A disk image that would allow the
> end user to pick between a simplified or regular front-end as well as
> different distributions upon initial set-up of their Netbook would be
> cool.

Linpus was originally intended to offer exactly that choice (two modes). Is it
not the case? Underneath it's just Fedora.

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