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Re: [News] PC-BSD 7.1 Looks and Works Better Than Windows Vista?

On Tue, 19 May 2009 14:24:56 -0500, JEDIDIAH wrote:

>> One other problem on equal terms with this is the flames and insults
>> when someone dares to voice their problems with a distro.
>     If your statement of the problem can't be taken as a proper bug
> report than you earn any ill will you generate. There's a lot of crap to
> wade through. Decreasing the S/N ratio is at the very least
> counterproductive.

Which, if I have read this correctly, means that to speak out when 
something does not work will, in the main, return hostility towards the 
one who dares criticise, and newcomers deserve all they get. Not the best 
way to run a railway, I feel.

In this particular case, however, I researched thoroughly and have even 
read on this newsgroup that others are having problems with BSD, and it 
is because new users to the system are far too stupid to use it, 
apparently. End of any interest in the operating system. Move on.

The only bug report I would consider filing in this instance is against 
some die-hard members of the OSS community who still think that they are 
part of some sort of an exclusive (closed) club. The very same community 
that has striven to make Linux, BSD, et al popular alternatives to 
Windows for a whole new generation of users, seem now be instrumental in 
criticising and insulting them.

I have read on numerous forums of the number of people reporting problems 
who either do not get so much as a reply, or, as proved on this 
newsgroup, get called an idiot and insulted for doing so.

Are new users viewed by knowledgeable users (and even some developers) as 
an 'inconvenience'? I get the feeling that this is indeed the case.


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