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Re: Gnote 0.3.1

On 2009-05-14, Mart van de Wege <mvdwege_public@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
> Sinister Midget <fardblossom@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> One I responded to earlier was IP That's a Novell IP.
>> I still think it's either Miguel or it's a very good troll. This
>> "person" gave a history of events that partially coincided with what is
>> known. By itself that doesn't prove anything, I know.
> I have read multiple posts by Miguel in other places. If this is an
> impersonator, it's a good one. The style is definitely Miguel.
> Miguel thinks a lot of things Microsoft did in the software realm were
> good ideas: one of his first goals was to implement a COM-like component
> infrastructure on Linux. 
> That's an opinion, one you can agree or disagree with. Unfortunately,
> Miguel gets *very* defensive when you criticize the things he likes. He
> also has a big problem separating criticism of Microsoft's business
> tactics from Microsoft's software development practices. Since the
> latter are more or less obviously used to support the former, this is
> understandable. Unfortunately it leaves Miguel sometimes in a position
> that he must defend the undefendable, and he is not good at dealing with
> that, from what I have seen.

This is the first time I've ever dealt with him head-on. For that
matter it's the most I've seen from him at one go.

I can understand someone becoming defensive about the things they like
and believe. But he needs to be a bit more rational. It makes no sense
to accuse others of things while ignoring the same thing done by
someone who does nothing more than toss around a little flattery.
Worse, when practically everyone tells you that a particular person is
a POS it's usually wiser to stand back and observe for a little bit
rather than taking up their defense right off. Especially when those
advising you are users of the item the group was formed to cover.

And God said: E = (+mv) - (Ze)/r ...and there *WAS* light!
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