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Re: Accessing CD Drive from DOS

>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:ddq4ts$10g7$2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> Tintin wrote:
>>>> Hi Roy.
>>>> Ive had the laptop nearly a year.
>>>> All was working fine until about 2 weeks ago when I wanted a file off
>>>> an old CD Id burned with files on it from my old PC.
>>>> I inserted a CD ROM Id bought with a product to test if it was dirty
>>>> CDs etc, but it wouldnt open either. The drive reads the CD because the
>>>> installation software of the disk Id inserted auto started, but it
>>>> wouldnt
>>>> let me double click the drive or right click and "explore"
>>> What can you see in the command-line? If I recall correctly, you are
>>> using
>>> Windows, so go to "Start" -> "Run..." type in 'command' and ENTER to
>>> open a
>>> DOS prompt
>>> type in 'd:' or 'e:' depending on the letter your CD drive was assigned.
>>> Now
>>> type in 'dir' and ENTER. Any luck there? If the very fundamentals do not
>>> work, we can begin to raise questions and find answers.
>>> Roy

Tintin wrote:

>> Well it says
>> <DIR>        EXT
>> <DIR>        MPEGAV
>> <DIR>       SEGMENT
>> <DIR>        VCD
>> 0 File(s)        0 bytes
>> 4 Dir(s)        0 bytes free
>> what do you think I need to do?

Tintin wrote:

> do you think it could have something to do with Zone Alarm Pro? I havent
> changed the settings but sometimes these things change themselves, I know
> from experience.

Zone Alarm shouldn't affect anything locally unless it's faulty or does more
than you have ever bargained for.

There are all sorts of possible causes, but all of them are highly unlikely
to have caused the problem. As I said before, one long-term solution would
be to wipe the operating system, in which case you get your default
settings back. Otherwise, try to think if you installed something or
changed something recently. Removing and re-installing devices and
controllers that are related to the CD-ROM are worthwhile too.


Roy S. Schestowitz

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