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Re: Google Tool

__/ [Darren Tipton] on Sunday 04 September 2005 10:27 \__

> Hi all,
> I'v been reading the posts and figuring out what is important to people in
> SEO.
> To assist me in my own SEO I have put together a tool at
> http://www.tippy.co.uk/pr_compare.php which basically capture's google's
> top results for the keywords you enter.
> It will then find out their page rank, and number of backlinks for each
> site. It will then do the same lookup for the website you enter so you may
> compare your results to the top set for your chosen search terms.
> There are options to set so you can speed up the process (i.e not get some
> results if you aren't interested in them). It's a little slow at the
> moment due to being on an old server, but due to move (the link above may
> not be it's final home).
> Let me know your feedback. I'm sure it has some funnies in there which
> need to be ironed out although I feel than an all in one google tool,
> rather than seperate scripts and tools for Page Rank, Back Links etc I
> think is quite useful.
> Darren

This worked admirably well for me, albeit it's rather slow. This is not at
all an issue if you 'tab' the process or work on several such process in
parallel. I am not sure how you feel about simultaneous searches since it
must be hammering on your server. Either way, I'll add it to my portal once
its address becomes permanent.

Best wishes,


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