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Re: Palmtops

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [ Swampy Bogtrotter ] on Sunday 23 April 2006 10:57 \__
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> __/ [ Swampy Bogtrotter ] on Saturday 22 April 2006 18:52 \__
>>>> <big snip />
>>>>> PS - remember that much is dependent on use. Examples:
>>>>>         -Will plenty of media need to be accessed on the go?
>>>>>         -Will the Palm be used often? if so, how long for? 5
>>>>> minutes? 5 seconds?
>>>>>         -Is the user carrying a purse (or 'man purse'). I am not
>>>>> kidding here...
>>>> Hmmm.....It seems that peoples biggest gripes are with the slow
>>>> response time when accessing files, and the time it takes to boot
>>>> up when switched on.....Having just discussed this with Janet, we
>>>> don't forsee this being a major problem for her.....
>>>> We won't be using it for any major computing or processing of
>>>> data.....It will be primarily an output device for displaying
>>>> ebooks and video files.....
>>>> Your advice has swung me towards the Palm OS, and seeing the LD
>>>> model in the store has swung us towards it's higher storage
>>>> capacity.....
>>>> I think we can live with having to wait 2 minutes every now and
>>>> again when we need to reboot it.....After all, Janet's used to MS
>>>> Windows.....
>>> This makes perfect sense. Good luck with the LifeDrive. Bear in mind
>>> that Palm O/S has been dropped in favour of a grounds-up Linux-based
>>> alternative that is fully compatible with its predecessors.
>> Ooh, sounds interesting.....Can you upgrade the OS on PDA's? or is
>> it hard wired?.....
>> Thanks for all your advice Roy, you've been a huge help....
> Only engineers upgrade the O/S. It's a challenge because it involves
> changing ROM and there are many possible incompatibilities,
> hardware-wise in particular. I am not entirely sure about this, but
> have a look at some projects that boot good ol' Linux and other
> operating system on Palm hardware (even Windows Mobile on the Treo
> 700). There is rarely anything to be gained by O/S upgrades which are
> built to use processors whose power corresponds to the release date.
> All in all, your mileage may vary.

LOL, I think I'll just stick with the Palm OS that's pre-installed on it....

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