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Re: Microsoft Cuts 10,000+ Jobs?

Sinister Midget <fardblossom@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On 2009-01-24, Erik Funkenbusch <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
>> There are plenty of Linux advocates, who post interesting and pro linux
>> stuff that don't get attacked.  You know why?  They stick to the truth.
>> Ghost in the machine is a good example.  Chris Alstrom, when he was much
>> more of a reasonable advocate, also didn't get much push back.  The problem
>> is that once you start down the road of telling lies to advocate, then the
>> attacks come and then you likewise feel the need to attack back and it
>> becomes a vicious cycle.
>> Likewise, 99.9% of my posts are very civil and don't insult people, yet
>> that doesn't stop Linux advocates from throwing all kinds of nastiness at
>> me, does it?
> This is much like one of Hadron's "memories" about "schooling" people.
> It would be nice if it had something of a grain of truth.

You mean the memories I backed up with links to? Wow! Google is getting

> I take note you didn't mention anything about truthfulness wrt
> yourself, while you bemoaned the lack of your perception of truth on
> the part of linux users. Therein lies some of the problem.
> I also note your lack of mention of the trolls lying their asses off,
> but you can't help yourself when talking about linux advocates on the
> same subject. Therein lies the majority of the rest of the problem.
> The remainder of the problem crops up because you and your ilk want to
> start cat fights every time a linux user posts something. Such as how
> you react to Roy's posts constantly. Or how Quack can't control himself
> attacking linux users' posts.
> Yes, fights happen from both directions. But if you troll clowns would
> keep your yaps shut and stop attacking everything an advocate writes,
> attacks would fall off to a very small percentage.
> But trolls can't help themselves. Including you, which is why you can't
> control yourself from attacking Roy, even when what you're attacking
> contain no words at all from Roy. And when you can't attack his posts,
> you attack him for posting them in the first place.
> Physician, heal thyself, you effin' hypocrite!

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