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Re: Gnote 0.3.1

Mart van de Wege wrote:

> Marti van Lin <ml2mst@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Mart van de Wege wrote:
>>> Miguel de Icaza <miguel.de.icaza@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>>> Hello,
>>>>> Nice fellow you're tag-teaming with, Miguel.
>>>> From the quotes you posted, it seems like you do not like him, because
>>>> he does not like Roy.
>>> So, you just believe the first guy to agree with you, even if he is a
>>> completely unknown alias on a newsgroup.
>>> In fact, you obviously start posting here without doing the rest of the
>>> group the common courtesy of first lurking to get to know the group
>>> regulars and the mores.
>>> You really *are* making a hell of an impression. Just not the one you
>>> are aiming for, I'm afraid.
>> Pssst Mart, it's not de Icaza, it's the resident ID thief, pretending to
>> be de Icaza.
> Are you quite sure? Sinister already pointed out that at least one post
> came from Novell IP space, and the style is consistent with
> Miguel. Check, for example, any discussion on Mono and/or .Net on
> Slashdot. The same emotional defense regardless of the facts, and the
> same willingness to call the other side names is on full display there.

No I am not quite sure.

Somebody posted the whois output of his posting host in this treat,
which made me suspicious.

And yes I am aware of his Mono fanaticism. I'd read an article a couple
of months ago, where he shares his whet dream about Gnome 3 being
totally rewritten in C#.

I seriously hope the Gnome team is not going to let that happen. I love
Gnome but as soon as it becomes dependent on Mono, I will drop it in
favor of another DE and I am quite sure many will. This might be the
death of Gnome and I hope, the Gnome team will realize that.

Mono is not a contribution to Free Software, it is a distraction. In my
point of view its a trojan.

With kind regards

> Mart


Heh, that's what my friends and family call me ;-)

|_|0|_| Marti van Lin
|_|_|0| http://ml2mst.googlepages.com
|0|0|0| http://osgeex.blogspot.com

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