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Re: Roy Misrepresents a Story Again

After takin' a swig o' grog, Stone Mirror belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

> On Aug 2, 12:04?pm, RonB <ronb02NOS...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> It's beginning to look like we've got a concerted "smear Roy" campaign
>> going on here.
> Sorry, Chris, you can't "smear" someone with facts. Are you suggesting
> that I'm telling lies about Roy...?

Wrong poster, dude.

Look, I have no idea if you are the real David 'Lefty' Schlesinger who works
for ACCESS on a Linux mobility platform, or someone who has, like "Logan
Rathbone" or "Moshe Goldfarb", assumed someone else's online 'identity' in
order to troll or to tar someone else.  It's been done before, many times.
One poster in here, in particular, does it on a regular basis, and puts a
lot of work into it.

I don't particularly care if you have a reasonable case against Roy, or not.
That's between you and Roy and any other people he's pissed off.

It's pretty odd though, that you show up here and start waving around a
threat of a lawsuit.  It would seem to be that someone with a legitimate
case like that would be tight-lipped about it.

The funny thing is that you and others are actually giving Boycott-Novell
a form of publicity and probably attracting people to the site.

Finally, there is a whole spectrum of feeling about Microsoft and
opens-source out there, and to attempt to dichotomize it seems, to me, to be
quite propagandistic.  Whether it is Roy doing it or you doing it.

Go to a movie tonight.  Darkness becomes you.

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