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Re: C# Fails Very Badly at Popularity in the Free Software World

On 2009-08-21, RayLopez99 <raylopez88@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Aug 20, 7:21Âpm, Homer <use...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> However, these days my interests are almost entirely non-technical, but
>> political in nature. That is my choice - my prerogative. So from my
>> perspective - the /political/ perspective, I certainly do have strong
>> preferences in many areas of computing, most notably the preference to
>> /not/ use anything even remotely connected with Microsoft. In terms of
>> programming languages, that means C#. It could be the greatest language
>> on Earth (technically) ... but I refuse to have anything to do with it,
>> because it is tainted by those corporate gangsters from Redmond.
> Thanks for confirming COLA users like yourself don't love Linux and
> non-MSFT technologies for their merits, but because they hate MSFT.

...and what merits would those be?

OTOH, you also have to worry about the old Lemming mantra "compatability".

Do you really want to get in bed with Microsoft or would you rather be
playing nice with everyone else instead. Being more Windows-ish to the
detriment of being as Unix-ish is a nontrivial engineering and management
issue. Then there's the question of how that leaves other platforms (like
the Mac or embedded devices or oddballs like mainframes).

Using industry standards versus following Microsoft's lead.

What would I personally get out of it except perhaps being
allowed to be part of Microsoft's walled garden of web video?

Nevermind the "microsoft hate". 

The essential "why bother" question needs answered.


	Nothing today, likely nothing since we tamed fire,     
	is genuinely new: culture, like science and              |||
	technology grows by accretion, each new creator         / | \
	building on the works of those that came before.

				 Judge Alex Kozinski
				 US Court of Appeals
				 9th Circuit

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