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Re: Internet and School

__/ On Saturday 27 August 2005 21:37, [Els] wrote : \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:

>> I am losing sense of time...
>> [too many extensions]
> Do not use time extensions. They clash with future life limits.

*LOL* Didn't notice that one...

> [FF extensions]
>>> So I read. So far I haven't had any clashing extensions, but I must
>>> admit I don't use many.
>> I could disable some of them, leaving them in my profile directory if I
>> ever want them back. Let me look... the only one I can forsake is FireFTP
>> because I rarely use it; I use it more at home.
> I only have Web Developer, Forecastfox, ViewSourceWith and Adblock.
> Most used is the Web Developer.

No surprise there.

>> [usage tracking]
>>>> Use of the browser is very important to me. I haven't written some code
>>>> to track and /summarise/ my usage (getting close though <
>>>> http://www.schestowitz.com/Utilities/Complete/Linux/Display_Grabber/ >
>>>> ),
>>> Incidentally, I had just looked at that page, and copied the code -
>>> still have to go through the rest of the steps though.
>> If the explanation is messy, please tell me. I am enthusiastic about
>> writing code, but when it comes to documenting and publishing, I always
>> have to force myself to do it. It just drifts mañana, mañana in my Palm
>> for about a week and ends up written up when I no longer have the logical
>> structure fresh in my mind.
> Haven't gotten round to it yet, will report back when I have :-)

Thanks. Just don't feel obliged to have a look at it. It's junk. *smile*

>> [wiki talk]
>> I get backups to avoid vandalism, but I also keep monthly archives that I
>> lock. It is easily searchable and content is accumulative. I put it here
>> < http://www.schestowitz.com/Software/Correspondence_Wiki/ >
> Looks like online chat :-)

Off-line though. Intervals of hours in-between + archives + interoperability
+ portability.

>> [backup]
>>> Hmm.. reading that, it might actually be a good idea to let it
>>> crash... ;-)
>> I sometimes wish that this happened to me. I need to upgrade, but I don't
>> have the will to invest days in restoration, installation and
>> customisation. I always say "next year".
> Ask people to send you viruses. Open them and wait.
> 't Is as simple as that to get you started :-)

[School and education]

That's why Windows users get it easy. If they want to wipe off their data,
all they need to do is double-click some attachment. I can't do that; I
envy Windows. *smile*

>>>> School is for suckers, but industry over-evaluates it. Nothing /useful/
>>>> that I learned was acquired at school.
>>> You spelling is very good. Didn't you learn to read and write in
>>> school?
>> Not in English. *frown*
> Right <g>
> Okay, your English spelling is very good, so I assume your native
> language spelling can't be worse. Didn't you learn that in school?

School is not a necessity for what can be learned in our mundane life or
even self-taught. I was never too motivated to learn, but I tried to follow
my passions.

>>> But yes, school isn't as useful as it could be. It does
>>> however train the brain, which in itself is enough reason to let kids
>>> attend school imo :-)
>> With all due respect to the educational system and the 'wise guys' on
>> top, kids discover their passion when they are younger than 18.
> Not me :\
> I was 15 when they tried to let me decide on a direction for a career,
> but I had no clue whatsoever.

Me neither, but I think I could make a choice and day "all right then, I'll
go with /that/ one".

>> There needs to
>> be more choice, freedom and specialisation. Studying of the humanities is
>> not something that sticks with the student unless it gets recited. I
>> think I spent too much at school doing stuff which was of little
>> practical use. A waste of teaching effort; a waste of student potential.
> True I think, for those that can figure out what they wanna do for a
> living after school. But then still, I think it's good for
> kids/teenagers to get a broader range of knowledge than just what
> they're interested in.

Good point. I guess they also need to a taste of the full range of the
spectrum in order to make a decision (choice) that is based on
/understanding/ of the different choices available.

>> In the later years
>> of high school, much of the time I just drew or slept on my desk. I am
>> sure that many in this group could sympathise.
> Yup. I wouldn't say I slept in class (not sure what age highschool is,
> but I mean from age 12 to 17), but I didn't exactly do much either. I
> generally used the first hour to do the homework that would be checked
> in the second hour, and so on.

I was obedient myself, but was never inclined to go overboard. It was only 2
years ago that I began to enjoy what I do and had the freedom to flow with
desires, unlike something that is imposed from above. For all I can say,
you now work more independently, which must be lovely.


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