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Re: Usage Tracking and School

Life has returned to my long-dead brain as [Els] spewed the following words:

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:

[Usage tracking]

>>>>>> Use of the browser is very important to me. I haven't written some
>>>>>> code to track and /summarise/ my usage (getting close though <
>>>>>> http://www.schestowitz.com/Utilities/Complete/Linux/Display_Grabber/
>>>>>> > ),
>>>>> ....
> Okay, had a closer look, and only now saw the tiny little detail about
> "Windows users may take advantage of alternatives like...".
> Changes my perspective a bit ;-)
> Do I really need Cygwin? I have an Apache server on my Windows box -
> isn't the script adjustable to suit that?

I never managed to work out Cygwin to its depths myself (last attempt when I
was 19). I must have pointed out Cygwin for the sake of platform
impartiality. Since you need to grab the display from X and usage from
kernel-level, I doubt it's (trivially) doable.

The easiest solution is to pick up a Linux CD/DVD and take advantage of the
full power the machine which you machine begs for. If you were to pick up a
Windows CD, you could play it backwards and hear Satan. It gets worse
though: play it forward and it'll install Windows.


>> Good point. I guess they also need to a taste of the full range of the
>> spectrum in order to make a decision (choice) that is based on
>> /understanding/ of the different choices available.
> Indeed.

I am reluctantly beginning to accept my worst fear. High school had

>> I was obedient myself, but was never inclined to go overboard. It was
>> only 2 years ago that I began to enjoy what I do and had the freedom to
>> flow with desires, unlike something that is imposed from above.
> True - but weren't you the one who decided to stay in school for as
> long as you did? I'd say that nothing was imposed on you, other than
> what you /let/ them impose on you.


>> For all I can say,
>> you now work more independently, which must be lovely.
> It has advantages, yes (although a steady income would also be nice
> sometimes) :-)
> I've also enjoyed all the years I worked as a data-entry typist in
> offices. I've even enjoyed picking tomatoes and washing up.

The tomatoes or yourself? *LOL*

> Everything
> is enjoyable when you're the one who can decide how much you want of
> it :-)

This reminds me that I should return to doing some actual work today. I
posted almost 300 messages (NG's alone) in the past 8 days. Then again,
it's Bank Holiday Monday in Britian. Decisions, decisions...


Roy S. Schestowitz        "Did anyone see my lost carrier?"

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