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Re: Covering a Lot of Ground

__/ On Saturday 27 August 2005 09:33, [Els] wrote : \__

>> Where have you been darling? Me missed you...
> I've been sleeping actually - it was night here between last night and
> this morning :-)

I am losing sense of time...

[too many extensions]

>>> Yup. I actually like it to, in the end of the day, look at all the
>>> open tabs one by one, and leave the interesting ones open while
>>> dismissing the rest. In the morning Opera only shows good information
>>> and funny pages :-)
>> See earlier message. I have some risk of losing my tabs when extensions
>> interfere with one another. *frown*
> So I read. So far I haven't had any clashing extensions, but I must
> admit I don't use many.

I could disable some of them, leaving them in my profile directory if I ever
want them back. Let me look... the only one I can forsake is FireFTP
because I rarely use it; I use it more at home.

[usage tracking]

>> Use of the browser is very important to me. I haven't written some code
>> to track and /summarise/ my usage (getting close though <
>> http://www.schestowitz.com/Utilities/Complete/Linux/Display_Grabber/ > ),
> Incidentally, I had just looked at that page, and copied the code -
> still have to go through the rest of the steps though.

If the explanation is messy, please tell me. I am enthusiastic about writing
code, but when it comes to documenting and publishing, I always have to
force myself to do it. It just drifts mañana, mañana in my Palm for about a
week and ends up written up when I no longer have the logical structure
fresh in my mind.

[mail notification]

>> but I imagine that I use the browser 70% of the time (this includes
>> mailing lists and remote mail), newsgroups reader about 20%, feeds reader
>> under 5% at the moment and I hope to reach 0% when it comes to personal
>> E-mail messages (I recently get annoyed when that little icon comes up).
> You can just make the icon disappear I think. Even when you do get
> mail :-)

It wouldn't be a good idea. That icon corresponds to the only account which
gets important messages. About 30 filters ensure that certain people cannot
reach it even if they try and some people like my bosses are always forces
to be 'tunnelled' onto it so that I read their messages immediately. I have
another account which is for urgent messages, whichwould go as far as
waking me up, e.g. server down or 'sky collapsing' due to bad <div>'s.

[wiki talk]

>> I use Wikis to correspond with friends and family, parents included.
> How? Like you just edit the same file online? Doesn't that mean you
> never have any archive of what you wrote, if someone else deletes it?

I get backups to avoid vandalism, but I also keep monthly archives that I
lock. It is easily searchable and content is accumulative. I put it here <
http://www.schestowitz.com/Software/Correspondence_Wiki/ >

[rss reader]

>>> Had never heard of RSSOwl, so I just downloaded and installed it. Now
>>> I just have to see if it has any advantages over Awasu and/or
>>> Feedreader :-)
>> It might not, but it's Open Source and cross-platform (import/export
>> included, hence 'cross-application'...
> True. Forgot that Awasu isn't.
>> did I just coin that term?).
> Not sure, but I don't think so :-)

Me neither.

>> I was thinking about site breadth, i.e. number of pages, levels,
>> complexity. One domain = one icon (usually), but one domain = many
>> pages/sections.
> Ah yes. Indeed.
>> I gave up on dedicating my whole to convince people that Windows-bundled
>> is not always best. I think my mom still uses Firefox because it supports
>> Hebrew fonts.
> Other browsers don't?

Not my mom's installations.


>> One of the main purposes of the new machine is to server as a storage
>> area, thereby helping me sleep well at night. Not bad for a powerful box
>> that cost around $300... it was a rational choice. Nytol is more
>> expensive. *grin*
> I think I'm more ignorant: I sleep well, even though I hardly ever
> backup anything. Stuff I have that matters is also on a server online,
> so there's already two copies anyway, and the only thing I do backup
> is photos and occasionally mail.
> If my pc crashed today, it would really only mean that I get rid of a
> lot of excess baggage, and that I'll have the most up-to-date versions
> of all the downloaded software I use :-)
> Hmm.. reading that, it might actually be a good idea to let it
> crash... ;-)

I sometimes wish that this happened to me. I need to upgrade, but I don't
have the will to invest days in restoration, installation and
customisation. I always say "next year".

>>> So, why did you get Mandrake and not SuSE again?
>> It comes pre-installed. I enquired a few hours ago to see which distro
>> will serve me best. I might wipe it in favour of Ubuntu or SuSE 10 beta
>> 3, which one of the gurus (Alan) argued should be highly compatible. It
>> is so wonderful to have choice.
> Very true.
>>>> With 3 Linux boxes (home, work, university) I can now have my triple
>>>> backup. Can't beat that! *smile*
>>> Indeed. I'd have to go back to school, and start work somewhere else
>>> than at home to be able to do that <g>
>> School is for suckers, but industry over-evaluates it. Nothing /useful/
>> that I learned was acquired at school.
> You spelling is very good. Didn't you learn to read and write in
> school?

Not in English. *frown*

> But yes, school isn't as useful as it could be. It does
> however train the brain, which in itself is enough reason to let kids
> attend school imo :-)

With all due respect to the educational system and the 'wise guys' on top,
kids discover their passion when they are younger than 18. There needs to
be more choice, freedom and specialisation. Studying of the humanities is
not something that sticks with the student unless it gets recited. I think
I spent too much at school doing stuff which was of little practical use. A
waste of teaching effort; a waste of student potential. In the later years
of high school, much of the time I just drew or slept on my desk. I am sure
that many in this group could sympathise.


Roy S. Schestowitz

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