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Re: Linux, School and Bank Holiday (AHOY TOBY)

__/ [Els] on Monday 29 August 2005 10:54 \__

[Linux amusement]

>> I never managed to work out Cygwin to its depths myself (last attempt
>> when I was 19). I must have pointed out Cygwin for the sake of platform
>> impartiality. Since you need to grab the display from X and usage from
>> kernel-level, I doubt it's (trivially) doable.
> Okay - I'll leave that one for Toby. He's good at stuff like that :-)

Yes, and today I posted a reference via message-id.net (Toby's latest
project) for the first time. He peculates PR by putting GG[1] within a
frame. He hits them where it hurts, having the latter done the same with
images and cache.

>> The easiest solution is to pick up a Linux CD/DVD and take advantage of
>> the full power the machine which you machine begs for.
> No, that's what I got my SuSE box for :-)
> But I don't want screen grabs from SuSE, as it isn't my main machine.
> Could get some really nice arty pictures though, from all the
> screensavers that are running on it.

Screensavers phobia... too many... recently heard of a screensaver in Fedora
that gets random pictures off the Internet. Funny when you come back to do
some work only to find hardcore pr0n on the screen.

>> If you were to pick up a
>> Windows CD, you could play it backwards and hear Satan. It gets worse
>> though: play it forward and it'll install Windows.
> Yup - heard that one :-)
> Couldn't get the drive to play it backwards though ;-)

Flip the CD upside down; move head to top of drive; motor will rotate in the
same direction. Either way, I was never fond of Satanic music.


>> I am reluctantly beginning to accept my worst fear. High school had
>> substance?
> Some - not much <g>

Apart from the chemical, of course. Never reached any such substance, but
some school student do these days.

>>> I've also enjoyed all the years I worked as a data-entry typist in
>>> offices. I've even enjoyed picking tomatoes and washing up.
>> The tomatoes or yourself? *LOL*
> Neither - washing up as in washing dishes in restaurants :-)

Done that 6 years ago... next year I get my Ph.D. *smile*

>>> Everything
>>> is enjoyable when you're the one who can decide how much you want of
>>> it :-)
>> This reminds me that I should return to doing some actual work today. I
>> posted almost 300 messages (NG's alone) in the past 8 days.
> That's nothing. I once was blocked before the end of the day because I
> had posted 150. In one day :-)

*sarcasm* To 0.test? Were you eventually happy at least? 

[Bank holiday]

>> Then again,
>> it's Bank Holiday Monday in Britian. Decisions, decisions...
> Hmm.. Bank Holiday Monday, August.. isn't there a carnival to go to in
> Notting Hill?
> Wish I was there :\

I no longer travel. Computers killed my human soul. I will at least go to
the health club shortly. Gloomy day over here in Manchester... *frown* oh,
well, good for the gardens, eh?


[1] GG where the second G stands for Groups and PR where R stands for Rank.
I have to be cautious with sensitive keywords these days... my employment
opportunities are narrowing down like a supermodel on bulimia.

Roy S. Schestowitz        "Have you compiled your kernel today?"

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