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Re: Linux, School and Bank Holiday

__/ [Els] on Monday 29 August 2005 16:17 \__

You always have a surprise waiting, involuntarily lifting a spirit. *smile*
Any message in alt.html? Els!


>> Yes, and today I posted a reference via message-id.net (Toby's latest
>> project) for the first time. He peculates PR by putting GG[1] within a
>> frame. He hits them where it hurts, having the latter done the same with
>> images and cache.
> Sounds like he's one of the good guys then ;-)

I see Toby as one of the guys in the benevolent team.

>> Screensavers phobia... too many... recently heard of a screensaver in
>> Fedora that gets random pictures off the Internet. Funny when you come
>> back to do some work only to find hardcore pr0n on the screen.
> I'm guessing that's a disableable (made that word up myself) feature?

Not trivially.

"...After a bit of rooting around I?ve tracked this down to the
webcollage.desktop screensaver which picks random images off the internet
and displays them within the screensaver. Not a very responsible inclusion
in a desktop environment but it can be found in

>>>> If you were to pick up a
>>>> Windows CD, you could play it backwards and hear Satan. It gets worse
>>>> though: play it forward and it'll install Windows.
>>> Yup - heard that one :-)
>>> Couldn't get the drive to play it backwards though ;-)
>> Flip the CD upside down;
> Doable...
>> move head to top of drive;
> Yeah right!
> <g>
>> motor will rotate in the
>> same direction. Either way, I was never fond of Satanic music.
> Me neither - backwards, forwards or upside down.

*LOL* I'm glad the context leaves no room for confusion or ambiguity.


> There's a difference between having to wash dishes cause you don't
> have your Ph.D yet, and choosing to washing dishes because after 13
> years in an office you want a simple job just to pay for food. ;-)

At the time I was in highschool, not too certain what the future had in
store. The beautiful thing in life is that things can unravel gracefully,
progressively and without any prior expectation. As just one example, at the
same time last year I only had a handful of visitors in my site.

>>>> This reminds me that I should return to doing some actual work today. I
>>>> posted almost 300 messages (NG's alone) in the past 8 days.
>>> That's nothing. I once was blocked before the end of the day because I
>>> had posted 150. In one day :-)
>> sarcasm To 0.test? Were you eventually happy at least?
> <g>
> No, actually, it was to alt.www.webmaster mostly :-)

Boy, the threads can go bonkers there. Have you brought the same phenomenon
to alt.html? *wink*

>> [Bank holiday]
>>>> Then again,
>>>> it's Bank Holiday Monday in Britian. Decisions, decisions...
>>> Hmm.. Bank Holiday Monday, August.. isn't there a carnival to go to in
>>> Notting Hill?
>>> Wish I was there :\
>> I no longer travel.
> That's a very bold statement at your age.

My last big vacation was so disappointing for no apparent reason (you can
see Gallery >> Zermatt in my site). I was just waiting for it to end. It
wasn't the first such experience, but rather a staged decline in interest.

>> Computers killed my human soul.
> Get it back. Make them give it back. You need travel. After getting
> your Ph.D, you should take a year out and go travel. Backpacking, not
> checking in to a wifi-enabled hotel with your laptop.
> As a wise old(er) woman I'm telling you - do that before you're stuck
> in a rut. ;-)

I feel somewhat stranded already. I love my life, I enjoy it, but it
involves many dependencies.

>> I will at least go to the health club shortly.
> Is that shortly as in "10 minutes from now", or shortly as in "some
> day soon, but I haven't registered yet really" ?

No, you got the wrong impression of me. I have been working out intensively
for 10 years < http://www.schestowitz.com/sports.htm >.

>> Gloomy day over here in Manchester... frown oh,
>> well, good for the gardens, eh?
> You're still looking outside the window - there is hope yet :-)

It's nice and sunny at the moment and yet... I long for the computer. I'll
go out to the sun a little later. I need that vitamins. *smile*

>> [1] GG where the second G stands for Groups and PR where R stands for
>> [Rank.
>> I have to be cautious with sensitive keywords these days... my employment
>> opportunities are narrowing down like a supermodel on bulimia.
> I've seen your CV - you will not have a lack of employment
> opportunities very soon I think :-)

As time goes by, I come to grips with the fact that I prefer to stay in
medical-related research, so I am not overly worried. Nevertheless, I have
served more as a critical reviewer than I have as an evangelist. This is

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