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Re: Usage Tracking and School

__/ [Toby Inkster] on Monday 29 August 2005 13:51 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> I never managed to work out Cygwin to its depths myself (last attempt
>> when I was 19). I must have pointed out Cygwin for the sake of platform
>> impartiality. Since you need to grab the display from X and usage from
>> kernel-level, I doubt it's (trivially) doable.
> Look towards TightVNC. If you want to let people see what's going on on
> your desktop, that's the way to go.
> Cross-platform -- there are servers for Windows and Linux (and probably
> some other OSes) and clients for even more platforms. There's also a Java
> applet client, so your desktop can be embedded into a web page.

I am forced to use VNC (most typically remote desktop from Linux) for work,
but I don't know if/how VNC helps in just grabbing a snapshot. If a
connection is established with another node, you could possibly grab a
screenshot locally. Can you do this every 10 minutes? Knowing what I know,
it would not be simple. Windows does not expose many of its inner,
down-under feature, neither does it provide easy-to-use and 'intrusive'
interfaces. Expressiveness is another issue. Monad will not be included in
Vista, but it's scheduled to be released some day in the distant vista.


Roy S. Schestowitz        Useless fact: A dragonfly only lives for one day

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