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Re: Linux, School and Bank Holiday

__/ [Els] on Monday 29 August 2005 21:13 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:

>> ...
> Be careful - you're showing the first signs of a serious Usenet
> addiction ;-)

That can be bad for me, can't it? I, for one, welcome the addiction. When my
hands start to shake, I'll reduce my caffeine consumption. *wink*

>> I see Toby as one of the guys in the benevolent team.
> That too :-)

>>>> ... recently heard of a screensaver in
>>>> Fedora that gets random pictures off the Internet. Funny when you come
>>>> back to do some work only to find hardcore pr0n on the screen.
>>> I'm guessing that's a disableable (made that word up myself) feature?
>> Not trivially.
>> ...
> What were they thinking when they added that screensaver to the
> package :S

It was a brain-dead decision, I'd say.

>>> Me neither - backwards, forwards or upside down.
>> *LOL* I'm glad the context leaves no room for confusion or ambiguity.
> Indeed <g>
> Careful snippage required :-)

Done that. *LOL*

>> The beautiful thing in life is that things can unravel gracefully,
>> progressively and without any prior expectation. As just one example, at
>> the same time last year I only had a handful of visitors in my site.
> And how many is that now?

Before that recent G**gle summit, it was about 1200 a day, but now down to
just under 1000. They did some tweaking which penalised several others in
the NG (would rather not mention names). Post-Bourbon rollbacks perhaps...

>>> ... it was to alt.www.webmaster mostly :-)
>> Boy, the threads can go bonkers there. Have you brought the same
>> phenomenon to alt.html? *wink*
> I don't think I'm the only one to blame, but it does look like it.
> Wanna set a f-up to AWW? ;-)

Naa... Matt recently got annoyed by Mimic and Onideus crossposting their
tit-for-tat to AWW. It poses a problem only to those who do not watch the
newsgroup in threaded mode.

>>>> I no longer travel.
>>> ...
> I think this may have to do with:
>>>> Computers killed my human soul.
> Make sure you don't become like the rest of us: computer and Usenet
> junkies ;-)
> For travelling, I suggest not visiting a hotel in a snowy city, but
> actually backpacking to a country where you haven't been before, book
> only 2 nights in advance into the local youth hostel, don't take more
> money with you than you'd need to survive one month, and make the
> ticket a 3 month return. Once you get the hang of it, you can change
> the 3 month return for a round the world one (one year).

I am fairly sure it is not for me. The issue in hand is abnormality, not
sadness. Why must I travel because it is the 'norm'?

>>> ...
>>> As a wise old(er) woman I'm telling you - do that before you're stuck
>>> in a rut. ;-)
>> I feel somewhat stranded already. I love my life, I enjoy it, but it
>> involves many dependencies.
> It doesn't have to - you can be as independent as you like.

It would kick me right in the butt later.

>>>> I will at least go to the health club shortly.
>>> Is that shortly as in "10 minutes from now", or shortly as in "some
>>> day soon, but I haven't registered yet really" ?
>> No, you got the wrong impression of me. I have been working out
>> intensively for 10 years < http://www.schestowitz.com/sports.htm >.
> Image of nerd destroyed. ;-)
> Is there anything you're not good at?

Plenty of things.

>> It's nice and sunny at the moment and yet... I long for the computer.
>> I'll go out to the sun a little later. I need that vitamins. *smile*
> That's why laptops were invented. Sit in the sun, get your vitamin D
> while not leaving your computer :-)

Without a (high-speed) connected environment and a dual-head display it can
never be the same.

>> ... I
>> have served more as a critical reviewer than I have as an evangelist.
>> This is risky.
> Not sure I understand that - why is it risky?

It can feed disdain and aggression. I am too open sometimes. When I don't
like something, I say so, especially if it's a company and not an
individual person.

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