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Re: Linux, School and Bank Holiday

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

>> Be careful - you're showing the first signs of a serious Usenet
>> addiction ;-)
> That can be bad for me, can't it? 

That entirely depends on what you want out of life :-)

> I, for one, welcome the addiction. When my
> hands start to shake, I'll reduce my caffeine consumption. *wink*

You will find that Usenet and caffeine form a perfect symbiotic
addiction :-)

>>>> Me neither - backwards, forwards or upside down.
> Done that. *LOL*

[visits to site]
> Before that recent G**gle summit, it was about 1200 a day, but now down to
> just under 1000. They did some tweaking which penalised several others in
> the NG (would rather not mention names). Post-Bourbon rollbacks perhaps...

Sounds good - makes me wanna spend some time adding more useful info
to my own site too - if only I wouldn't spend so much time on
Usenet... ;-)
>> Wanna set a f-up to AWW? ;-)
> Naa... Matt recently got annoyed by Mimic and Onideus crossposting their
> tit-for-tat to AWW. It poses a problem only to those who do not watch the
> newsgroup in threaded mode.


> I am fairly sure it is not for me. The issue in hand is abnormality, not
> sadness. Why must I travel because it is the 'norm'?

Oh no, not because it's the norm.
Just personal recommendation, first hand experience type of thing. But
you're right, if it's not for you, best don't. You seem to know fairly
well what your passions are anyway :-)
>>> It's nice and sunny at the moment and yet... I long for the computer.
>>> I'll go out to the sun a little later. I need that vitamins. *smile*
>> That's why laptops were invented. Sit in the sun, get your vitamin D
>> while not leaving your computer :-)
> Without a (high-speed) connected environment and a dual-head display it can
> never be the same.

I've heard high speed can be arranged wireless too, but indeed -
dual-head display is a bit tricky on a laptop :-)
>>> ... I
>>> have served more as a critical reviewer than I have as an evangelist.
>>> This is risky.
>> Not sure I understand that - why is it risky?
> It can feed disdain and aggression. I am too open sometimes. When I don't
> like something, I say so, especially if it's a company and not an
> individual person.

Got it. Also has advantages though. Some people actually appreciate
blunt honesty, and when they do, it makes working for them a lot more

Els                     http://locusmeus.com/
Sonhos vem. Sonhos vÃo. O resto à imperfeito.
                             - Renato Russo -

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