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Re: UseNet and Life (or "No Life")

__/ [Els] on Tuesday 30 August 2005 08:12 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> [visits to site]
>> Before that recent G**gle summit, it was about 1200 a day, but now down
>> to just under 1000. They did some tweaking which penalised several others
>> in the NG (would rather not mention names). Post-Bourbon rollbacks
>> perhaps...
> Sounds good - makes me wanna spend some time adding more useful info
> to my own site too - if only I wouldn't spend so much time on
> Usenet... ;-)

It is possible to combine the two...


>>> Wanna set a f-up to AWW? ;-)
>> Naa... Matt recently got annoyed by Mimic and Onideus crossposting their
>> tit-for-tat to AWW. It poses a problem only to those who do not watch the
>> newsgroup in threaded mode.
> True.

That "OT(Men)" thread is now back to life. Somebody shoot me...  *smile*

> [backpacking]
>> I am fairly sure it is not for me. The issue in hand is abnormality, not
>> sadness. Why must I travel because it is the 'norm'?
> Oh no, not because it's the norm.
> Just personal recommendation, first hand experience type of thing. But
> you're right, if it's not for you, best don't. You seem to know fairly
> well what your passions are anyway :-)

Thanks, Els.

>>>> It's nice and sunny at the moment and yet... I long for the computer.
>>>> I'll go out to the sun a little later. I need that vitamins. *smile*
>>> That's why laptops were invented. Sit in the sun, get your vitamin D
>>> while not leaving your computer :-)
>> Without a (high-speed) connected environment and a dual-head display it
>> can never be the same.
> I've heard high speed can be arranged wireless too, but indeed -
> dual-head display is a bit tricky on a laptop :-)

I thought about one which unfolds horizontally. Now, if only I had the
resources to design and manufacture a laptop... *smile*

>>>> ... I
>>>> have served more as a critical reviewer than I have as an evangelist.
>>>> This is risky.
>>> Not sure I understand that - why is it risky?
>> It can feed disdain and aggression. I am too open sometimes. When I don't
>> like something, I say so, especially if it's a company and not an
>> individual person.
> Got it. Also has advantages though. Some people actually appreciate
> blunt honesty, and when they do, it makes working for them a lot more
> pleasant.

I know exactly what you mean. It can also lead to paranoia though, trust me.


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