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Re: Code of Conduct complaint about Linus's comments at DC14 :: Respect

Hans-Christoph Steiner writes:

> So back to the original question: Linus' behavior.  There are many subculture
> were talking the way Linus does is the norm, where teasing and hyperbolic
> insults are central to the shared humor.  Yes, this is abrasive to many
> people, but it is not an immoral behavior if the people in that community
> accept it.
> So if we say that people who share that culture are not welcome in Debian,
> then Debian is truly not tolerant nor welcoming.

If your definition of tolerance means accepting of abusive assholes, then 
yes we should be intolerant.

Accepting assholes may create a welcoming environment for assholes but 1) 
IMO those aren't the type of people we want to welcome and 2) it creates an 
unwelcoming environment for people who don't like assholes.

(btw those people are welcome to go and create their own project where that 
kind of behavior is normal)

I have witnessed an interesting trend of tolerating extreme behavior in 
Debian over many years and I think I might have figured out why that is...

To some extent all of us are "nerds", "geeks", etc and different than 
mainstream culture, and probably all of us have endured teasing and being 
treated differently (especially in younger school years) because of that. 
So I think that may make us predisposed to tolerating people who are 
"weird" because we can relate and can easily imagine ourselves being 
singled out for similar reasons. But I would argue this often results in us 
tolerating really bad behavior for far too long (I can think of a few 

We can be tolerant of "weird" and still have standards of acceptable 

Sorry for making this thread longer,

Matt Taggart

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