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Re: Schestowitz sets new personal record, I believe!

dapunka wrote:
ball.cock.the.plumber@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
dapunka wrote:
ball.cock.the.plumber@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Roy Schestowitz wrote:

Hey, Gary Stewart. Is "flatfish" and "flatfish+++" on
too many people's killfiles already? Your nyms are
getting weirder and weirder by the day. One shrink is
not enough to treat the few braincells you have left. *plonk*

Why would anyone but YOU, Roy Schestowitz care about
that? You're the one being paid to spew your garbage to
every corner of the Internet.

Now /that's/ some paranoia!  Who in hell do you think is
paying Roy Schestowitz to post?

Actually it's NOT paranoia because I could care less if he
gets paid by the post or by the letter or doesn't get paid
at all. Getting back to your ? though. Think about it. A
student in a PHD program who literally is posting 24 hours
per day, 7 days per week including holidays, Christmas
amongst them. A person who spews his own blogs and various
boycott sites every place he can. A person who goes on the
defensive trying to silence people who have his number and
know what he is up to.

Normal people don't do this out of the goodness of their
hearts, especially college students. The obvious answer is
he is being compensated. The real question is by whom.

The inside answer is one of the Linux distribution
manufacturers, consultant firms etc. He does generate money
on hits to his sites though which is one reason to spam the

The long shot answer is that Roy is really a reverse troll
working for Microsoft et al in order to make Linux and in
particular the Linux community look bad by virtue of his

The digg community have Roy all figured out. COLA is a
little slow and Roy Boi is still their leader but like all cult leaders, their will come a time when the members eyes
will be opened and then we will all know.

Someone, somewhere knows Roy's true motives and at some
point they will either slip or Roy will piss them off (he is
good at doing that) and the world will know. It's only a
matter of time.

Roy has pissed off a lot of people, some in very high places
and for that reason numerous people are watching Roy from a
distance, logging, catalogging and archiving his public for
all to see 'work'. It's the many eyes approach that Linux
lovers speak of passionately. Sooner or later he will slip
up because Roy loves to post messages and the more he posts
the greater the chance of a foul up. There have been a few
already, but they are not enough to expose his motives only
clues toward the mother load.

All in good time my pretty, all in good time.

Now that really is bizarre.  The "many eyes" of the "real"
Linux community are cataloguing and archiving Roy
Schestowitz's posts, eh? And you say paranoia has no place in
the workings of your mind? Right...

Incidentally, if Roy's activities are so obviously the work of
a Microsoft shill, only fooling the fools in COLA, then the
rest of the internet would know what he's up to, and wouldn't
need to wait for him to foul up.  Wouldn't need to catalogue
and archive anything.

Paranoids tend to find conspiracy everywhere.  Everyone else
knows that Roy Schestowitz is a FOSS advocate.  Whether you
think he's an effective advocate is another matter.  I don't
read most of what he posts.  But I don't think he's a
Microsoft shill or botnet either.


 Flatfish - Troll

Name: flatfish+++ (believed by many to be one Gary Stewart in real life)


    * Nym shifting (see below)
    * Self confessed thief and proud of it
    * Homophobic
    * Racist
    * Habitual liar
* Frequently cross posts replies to other non-Linux related newsgroups
    * Frequently cross posts articles originally not posted to COLA

The flatfish troll nyms shifts an extraordinary amount often using the nyms as sock puppets. Here is a list of some of the nyms the flatfish troll has used (NB: flatfish will often use the names of other posters as nyms):

Abbie Diaz, achmed.jones, Aftab Singh, Allen Cusimano, Allie Perkins, Allison Juergans, allison_hunt1969, Alicia Hunt, Ana Thema, andyschipowitz, Anna Banger, anonymous, Archie, Archie Moss Bunker, Archie Watermann, Attila, Baba Booey, Babcock Johnson, babcock.latreen, Babu Singh, Bill Thomson, Billy ,bill.gates.loves.me, BingoBongo, bison, Bjarne Jensen, bjornstad8800, BklynBoy, bonobo magilla, Boyce Mabri, BSEE, Bunsen Burner, Buster, c.baumstumpff, CBFalconer, Charles LeGrand, Charlie, Choppers McGee, Chris Thomas, Christine Abernathy, Claire Lynn, Clippy, Clock King, Collie Entragion, Colon Singh, common cold, compton.plaines_kid, Connie Hines, Corrie, corry.lebeu, Corrie Titlaand, Cory Dyvik, Curtis Wilson, cymon.says, Damian O'Leary, Dana Bush, Danny Kwong, dbx_boy, Deadpenguin, Debbie, Devon Dawson, dismoqualifetch, Donn Carlsbad, donna.bunting_tv, Â dont.pullout, Doug Richardson, Dragon.Boy, Dr.Long John Jones, dy.sector, echo.valley_26809, Elliot Zimmermann, Elwin Winters, Emmanuel Arias, Fawn Lebowitz, flatfish+++, foamy, frank boson, Franz Klammer, Fred Simmons, gabriele howorth, Gary Stewart, GayClod, George Cotton, George Littlefield, Gilbert, Gilbert Goiter, Gilbert Hochaim, gilligan, Greg Finnigan, Greg Laplante, Hans Kimm, Hans Tomlinson, Harry Hilton, Harvey Fogel, Heather, Heather69, Heather Trax, Heddy Seafield, Heidi van Wong, helmut.ginter, hepcat, high_pain_humper, Hugh Himless, hymen.the.jew, Ishmeal Hafizi, itchy balls, Ivan Mctavish, IvanaB, Jason, jeff.smiley, Jeff Szarka, jjwassermann, Joe Josephson, John, John Shelton, John Smith, Jorge Jorgensen, jorge_shillingford, Jose Lopez, juke_joint, kaptain kaput, Karel Olish, karen.bullfinch, Karen Hill, Karla Snodgress, kathy_krantz, Kaylie Solomon, Kendra, Kenneth Downs, Kenny Dugan, Kent Dorfman, Ken Johnson, Kim Coinop, Kinglen Wang, Kristen, kumba killington, Kurt Janker, Kyle Cadet, L Didio, Laura Shillingford, Le Farter, Le Yammy, Leaking Onion, Leo Diaz, Les Cramer, Les Turner, Les Walton, Leslie Bassman, Lilly, Lindy, linux.curious, Linux Exposer, Lisa Shavas, Lisa Cottmann, Lois Hunt, Long, long_tong_ling, Â luisortizhome, Lukumi Babalu Aye, Luna Lane, Major Mynor, Manny, Mario Fermin, McSwain, mista twista,Mogumbo, Moses, Mooshoo Bong Singh, mr.macfeelme, Â mycarisfast, narrows_whitefish@xxxxxxxxx, nate_mcspook, Navid Shakibapour, okto_pussy, opensource.sucks, organ.creep, OSS KDE User, Paddy McCrockett, Paul Wannamaker, Paris Marriot, Patricia, Patrick Landrum, Patty LeGrange, patty pippins, Patty Poppins, percy samson, Peter Gluckman, Peter Kohlmann, peter.traphagen, Phil, Phillip Cornwall, phoung, phoung quoak, pickle_pete, Piss Clam, Poopy Pants McGee, Quimby, Quinton Magee, Quizno Backer, Ray Schitzmepantz, Reporter, Rich, Richard P. Johnson, Richie, Richie O'Toole, Richie Spano, Robert Strunk, rothstein_ivan, Roy_Pestowitz, Roy.Schakemetitz, Roy.Schavedmenutz, Roy.Schavesmewankz, Roy.Schitzowitz, RP Modell, ryebra, Sally Vadi, Sammy, Sammy Whalen, Saul Goldblatt, schavemetitz, Schestertitz, schestowizzle, schestowitz, schitzmepantz, schisterwitz, Schlomo Smykowski, Sharon Cackle, Sharon Hubbasland, Sean, Sean Fitzhenry, Sean Macpherson, Sewer Rat, sewer_clown, Shelly K., Sherlock Holmes, Schlomo Rabinowitz, Simon, Simon Lewis, simply.lisa, Singer, sista sledgehammer, slacker.mcspritze, Spammy_Davis, spanny_davis, Stefan Karstensen, Stephan Simonsen, Stephanie, Stephanie Mannerz, Stephen, Stephen Olsen, Stephen Townshend, stomach.pump, SuckyB, Sue, sue quinterra, sully1999, SunnyB, Susan, Susan Bladder, Susan Lapinski, Susan Wong, Suzi Wong, Suzie Wong, Swampee, sylvano12tegriorgriach, Ted Bennington, Terri Sorensen, Terry Porter, The Beaver, Thorsten, Thorsten Thigpen, Timmy Luncford , Toby Rastus Roosovelt III, toe.mein, Tomas Bicsak, tomas.bozak, Tomas Dunton, Tomas Lucatorto, Tori, Tori Wassermann, Torre Stanslaand, Trace Dennison, Tracee, Traci, traci.alicock, traci.pusey, Traci Spritzendrainer, trailerpark, Trina Swallows, Trolly, Trudi Simpkins, Tryxie Lustern, Uday Shankar, victimizedb, victimizedbyms, Vince Fontain, Vladimir Yepifano, Walter Bubniak, Wang Mycock, Wasser, Waterskidoo, wendy, Wendy Duzz, Wendy Toiletwater, Whizzer, Wilbur J, willy watkins jr, Willy Wong, wiltons_pypes, Winnie Septos, wizard.shot, Wobbles, wylbur.horseman, Yanick Schmuley and zyklon_C.

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