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Re: Gnote 0.3.1

Marti van Lin <ml2mst@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Mart van de Wege wrote:
>> Two years of Mono-pushing by Miguel & Co., and the grand total of usable
>> desktop components are:
>> - Tomboy, a sticky-notes applet (someone please tell me why I shouldn't
>>   just open a text editor?!)
>> - Beagle, a desktop search engine.
>> - Banshee, a media player.
>> Beagle and Banshee have competition, lots of it, and in my opinion they
>> are not even close to the best in their class.
>> Tomboy has virtually no competition, but maybe that's because it's a
>> toy.
> Not quit. Many Gnome users have "Desklets" installed, these are tinny
> "eyecandy" applications. Desklets provides its own "Pick Up" notes.
Ah. Forgot those. Then again, as I mentioned, I don't understand why
people don't just open an editor. A lightweight editor that starts
faster than Tomboy (easy to do, because it doesn't have to drag the
entire Mono runtime with it) is all you need, and you get all the
advantages of an editor if your note turns out to be a tad more than
just a note.

I write installation instructions this way. I keep an editor handy,
copy/paste all unusual commands to the editor, and when I'm done I write
a few sentences around the skeleton.

> Beside that, there is F-Spot, which is installed by default on Ubuntu
> systems. F-Spot it a "photo viewer" and IMHO inferior compared to
> gthumb, which has been around for ages.
Forgot about F-spot. Never used it, although I do know gthumb, which is
pretty cool.

> So conclusion is: all these ridiculous Mono dependent apps are next to
> useless, there are better non Mono dependent "alternatives". It is a
> waste of precious disk space and a useless resource hog.

The fun part is, Miguel started pushing it because it would make the
barrier to entry for Gnome desktop development lower. If 2-3 years of
pushing Mono *hard*, with corporate backing no less, gives us this
pathetic harvest of apps, I think it is safe to say Mono has *failed*.

For quick apps, Python is the current ruler of the roost in Gnome. And
even Perl is doing better in this space, hardly a language considered
friendly to the GUI app developer.


"We will need a longer wall when the revolution comes."
--- AJS, quoting an uncertain source.

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