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Re: Call for moderation and mediation: debian-live vs. debian-live-ng

On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 12:43:33AM +0100, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> On 11/12/2015 06:10 PM, Christian Kastner wrote:
> >> Also, I don't think that any statement we produce, neutral or not, would
> >> help Daniel. Nothing short of "oh, we were completely wrong, Daniel was
> >> right, and we're making changes to make sure it doesn't happen again"
> >> would make him feel better or less "attacked".
> > 
> > Agreed. However, there still remains the issue of how this will reflect
> > on the project as a whole.
> So far, I've only read everyone discussing how the project should handle
> the situation, so that we don't look too bad.
> Am I the only one who is sad, knowing that Daniel probably feels really
> miserable right now? Or just nobody sees that?!?
> I know Daniel cared a lot of Debian, and still cares so much for it. He
> didn't just shut down live-build and his beloved Debian Live project out
> of malice. Re-read his message announcing the closure, and probably
> you'll feel his pain. Think about it, wait, and re-read his announcement.
> We should not just let Daniel go this way. If we do nothing, then anyone
> believing we're bad is bloody right. If we don't know how to make a
> public statement, at least a private message sent to him, on the name of
> the project (by the DPL?), is the least we can do, if nobody wants to
> call him back.
> Am I the only one who cares for what he feels?

Thanks Thomas for bringing this. I'm also feeling really bad for Daniel,
and for the project. I fear this lack of attention keeps demotivating
quite a lot of people in the Debian community. I've clearly stated here
that we should (at least try to) elaborate a public response to this
question. And so far I couldn't see any good reason to not do so (except
for keeping ourselves in our very comfortable and private zone?).

I must say it's the second big frustration I've got from Debian in a few
months, being the first one a similar situation related to DebConf
chairs resignation, after being insanely accused of acting as the worst
kind of people.


What we've got as response to this reaction?


Sorry for pointing this particular email, but IMO it represents quite
well our inert behavior on dealing with social issues inside the
project, starting from the apparent lack of mediation skills of our DPL,
extended to harmful miscommunication between important teams in Debian.
And the worst, all ending up in private conversations. We naively
believing that once the noise out there is down the issue is gone. What
a mistake.

(not private in my words)


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