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Re: Call for moderation and mediation: debian-live vs. debian-live-ng

2015-11-18 15:30 GMT+01:00 Thomas Goirand <zigo@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> [...]
>> Thomas, please step a bit back and try to adopt a more
>> neutral view.
> Step back from what? I'm not even attempting to defend Daniel. I just
> wrote he is a human with feelings, [...]

And that is probably the reason why it is best o let this matter rest.
We could of course make a public statement, but that would mean to go
through the history which has led to the current escalation, which
will make Daniel look bad or at least feel uncomfortable. It will draw
even more attention to this issue, and knowing this community and the
interest from "outsiders" this will probably be dissected into the
tiniest bit, and no matter who was wrong or right in the matter,
everyone will loose in the end. It looks like to me that mistakes have
been made on both sides, so everyone will receive blame and with that
public statement we would drag people into the spotlight who might not
want to be the focus of attention at all.
"We won't hide problems" is a great rule for technical problems, since
those can be attacked neutrally and fixed. But for social issues
involving individuals, a more sensitive approach is IMHO better fit,
since drawing attention to persons and (inevitably) making them
targets doesn't help. By discussing this here, we also don't hide the
problem, but we keep it an internal matter.
The only sensible thing we could do is publicly thank Daniel for his
great work. This has been done by the people involved, and for the
"live-build-ng" issue, Daniel got an honest public apology.

I am very happy that this discussion happens here in this manner,
which is actually a great step towards preventing this from happening

Currently, IMHO we must accept the fact that the project might look
bad PR wise, because the alternative to prevent that would be to
review the whole history in public and shift blame to individuals. And
what kind of community would we be if we did that?


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