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Re: Triple-head Laptop

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

>>> http://www.schestowitz.com/UseNet/2005/August_2005_1/index.html
>> I'm afraid there wouldn't be an end to it if I started something like
>> that. May I ask why you do that?
> It has been useful in the past when questions repeated themselves. I could
> point people at the right place to get an answer. This is just one of
> several uses.

I use Google groups for that, but I suspect you carefully select which
threads/posts you're adding to your site to find it back easier?
> this thread is so deep that it already spills over from one screen
> to the other. It's like a chatroom, only more bizarre.

That sums it up nicely :-)
> [Outdoor laptop]
>>>> dual-head display is a bit tricky on a laptop :-)
>>> I thought about one which unfolds horizontally. Now, if only I had the
>>> resources to design and manufacture a laptop... *smile*
>> Once you get round to it and have found resources, make it a triple
>> already. Easier to unfold; no need to slide the unfolded display to be
>> centered.
> Also a matter of equilibrium!

Speaking of which, the triple display laptop may turn out to be rather

>> It can't be all that difficult to manufacture for a company
>> that already does regular laptops - maybe there is some reason they
>> don't?
> Someone may have thought about it, but...
>> Seen from the top, the display could either be in this position:
>> ____.____.____
>>     |....|
>>     |____|
>> for personal use,
>> or in this one:
>>       /\
>>      /  \
>>     /____\
>>     |....|
>>     |____|
>> to display whatever you'd want to show to other people sitting at the
>> same table.
> You just blew my mind!

Hope it didn't hurt ;-)

> My supervisor has projectors in his offices and he
> sure could use something like that his laptop. Let's start a business
> together *grin*

I'm afraid we'd need a third party in possession of resources <g>
>> Only if you let it :-)
> I usually do. Too many times. Maybe Dave will be after me now...
> http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/archives/2005/08/30/black-hat-seo/

Yup, saw that already - clever avoidance of names ;-)

The key to avoid paranoia is tell yourself to be as ignorant as
possible I guess - Never assume someone is after you until they
actually show up on your doorstep. And then offer them coffee or tea -
ignore the possibility of malice :-) 

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