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Archive for November, 2004

In Memoriam

November 13th (yesterday) marked 8 years since my grandmother passed away. Below is a picture of the two of us.


Teresa May

While listening to the radio today, I heard Teresa May‘s name mentioned. Since I had a short conversation with her 4 years ago in Zermatt, I decided to look up her biography. Wikipedia revealed to me that I was discussing my career with the future chair of the British Conservative Party.

Here is a snippet from the site:

She joined the Shadow Cabinet proper in 1999 as Shadow Education and Employment Secretary, and since then, under Iain Duncan Smith had been in a variety of shadow cabinet posts, notably chairman. She is perhaps the most prominent woman in the Conservative Party since Margaret Thatcher.

Palm SD Card Backup

This morning I was told about a free light-weight program that can use memory cards to secure data in between HotSyncs. It was given the awkward name Red Feline Backup. I would like thank its author by providing a citation.

Picture from Red Feline Backup


My grandfather told me about Skype last night. Little did I realise that this Internet telephony package is available to almost all platforms. It’s about time…

Picture from Skype

WordPress Spam

When it comes to blogging spam, I consider myself lucky. I spot attempts to submit spam and they all fail because my Linux server is — as should be — case-sensitive. If anyone is experiencing spam issues on a Linux host, maybe that’s a slack solution. Make sure your path contains at least one uppercase letter.

Heavy T

Last night I made the shift from my Palm M130 to my new Palm Tungsten. One question will not stop echoing in my mind: why is it so heavy?

Google Domination

Big brother Google has begun to worry me greatly in the past year. Approx. 95% of searches leading to my Web site stem from this dominant search engine. Here is the way Google Watch have described the situation:

Google is easily top dog. They provide about 75 percent of the external referrals for most websites. There is no point in putting up a website apart from Google. It’s do or die with Google. If we’re all very lucky, one of the other three will soon offer some serious competition. If we’re not lucky, we will be uploading our websites to Google’s servers by then, much like the bloggers do at (which was bought by Google in 2003). It would mean the end of the web as we know it.

It is worth mentioning that the issue is fresh in my mind because of a brand new Web site belonging to a relative. It has not yet been crawled by Google to its depths. You can visit it, if you wish, at

Davie Chiropractic

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