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Archive for March, 2013

Censorship Against Dissent


I have become exceedingly concerned about a trend that I’ve been watching in recent years, especially after the great transfer of wealth, aka “economic meltdown”. Whistleblowers are ferociously attacked, sites are being gagged, and bank accounts get forzen for those who do effective activism against a corrupt banking system which is now clawing away people’s savings. Last night I changed my avatar in all social networks to a photo of me covering my mouth. As we approach a class war like never seen before we must fight for the right to free speech. Without it, only the plutocrats get to popularise their points of view.

Cardiac Stress Analysis in 4-D

LITTLE, CONCISE, but completely new presentation about work that I did in 2010-2011. Cardiac Stress Analysis in 4-D is the title (PDF, ODF).

Six Months This Month

LATER this month Rianne and I will celebrate half a year of marriage. So far we’ve never had a fight; we look forward to a life-long marriage. She supports everything that I do and it is mutual.


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