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For no apparent reason, I rarely discuss Techrights in my personal Web site. This is not intentional.

Roy Schestowitz, Ph.D.The thing is, Techrights is the reason I hardly ever update anymore. I spend a high number of hours sharing my thoughts over at Techrights, so if you are already subscribed to my personal blog, please consider subscribing to too. It mostly covers software and ethics.

On a separate note, Google has been looking to hire me recently (they do this with a lot of people and they occasionally contact me too), but I am torn between my obligations to serve the public interest and someone’s private interest.

What do you think? Is Google not evil? About 90% of my writings about Google are positive; the rest are not.

Some London Photos (July 2010)




Back From London

Roy Schestowitz at a bridge

I still need to sort out the many photos and upload them at some stage.

Internet Archive

One of my favourite sites these days is the Internet Archive, which contains a vast amount of video (films too) which is free to use and to share. Here is one example, “RetroVision Theater Presents The Frank Sinatra Show”


Family picture

APART from this old page about my family, almost everything is private (ancestry pages too). The next week I will be spending with my mother (shown in the picture above), which is a rare opportunity to take some time off the Internet.

As friends of mine know, I left my parents’ house at the age of 18 and have since then lived on my own, expanding my areas of interest, holding about half a dozen jobs (almost a dozen in total including teenage years), and earning a Ph.D. degree. A lot of my accomplishments I owe to family and friends, but rarely does a person remember to acknowledge this.

So, just before I sign off for several days I wanted to make this post and thank those whom I grew up with. If you too sometimes neglect to thank someone, the summer vacation is a good time to make up for it.

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