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Archive for March, 2024

Saving Weak and Stray Bumblebees

Just help them help the plants

On a cherry blossoms

I NEVER knew this was possible, but having checked a couple of online videos I realised it is possible to heal/revive/resuscitate bees or bumblebees that get stuck inside the home, unable to fly but still alive (able to walk like an insect, however feebly).

The short story is, feed some sugar to them, possibly in a water solution (easier for them to suck in), then ‘leave them to it’. If necessary, confine them to a space where they can see the energy-boosting solution. Then, for a period of time, they become seemingly active, like pulsating or pumping their body a bit (akin to heavy breathing). Later they regain enough energy and try to fly. It’s incredible! The recovery is fast!

In my case, the hardest part was showing the bumblebee the way out (through the window).

Saving bumblebees that get stranded inside home will hopefully become more common a practice. You not only help an animal but also assist the pollination of flowers, so you help both fauna and flora.

Manchester City Chose Microsoft for a Web Site and, As Expected, It Doesn’t Work

I am not really buying anything, just testing:

Manchester City checkout

Maybe they are good at hand-picking players (who aren’t even from England, let alone Manchester, except Phil).

When it comes to tech, they seem to have hired Microsoft flunkies.

Microsoft and Manchester City

This is a longstanding issue with their site. Who on Earth chooses Microsoft for a site in 2024? The 2%?

UK Excess Mortality Remains High (More Deaths Than We Expect to See) and ONS Has Begun Hiding the Names of People Who Publish This Data

I ALREADY said — some time at the start of the year — that it looked like ONS had sacked or reassigned the people who were publishing mortality data for England and Wales. New names appeared, now it’s just some generic “Data Insights and Data Science team”, and a professor who specialises in this field recently warned about falsified data. Is the following data complete?

ONS data 2024

Why are the names of the people behind this data (I corresponded with some before) suddenly hidden?

Data Insights and Data Science team, no names

British Police and COVID-19 Inquiry Amid Excess Deaths

Dr. John Campbell isn’t make this up. Watch this. New and damning evidence, published today:

British MPs Want Data About UK Excess Deaths and Vaccine Data (Same Observation in Other Countries)

IN today’s channel of Dr. John Campbell there’s a new video that speaks of “Excess deaths, MPs request data” (in relation to the COVID-19 vaccines, too).

And here is the description in case Google censors him again.

Health Secretary urged to release data that ‘may link Covid vaccine to excess deaths’
MPs and peers criticise ‘wall of silence’

Tweet from Andrew Bridgen with the letter in full

Health Secretary urged to release data that ‘may link Covid vaccine to excess deaths’
MPs and peers criticise ‘wall of silence’…

MPs and peers have accused the Health Secretary of withholding data that could link the Covid vaccine to excess deaths

A cross-party group

“growing public and professional concerns” UK’s rates of excess deaths since 2020

Demand to be shown the underlying data for to support the Government’s assertion, “no evidence” linking excess deaths to the vaccines for Covid-19.

21 MPs and peers

“If those data do indeed exist, please share them; if thorough investigations have already ruled out such a link, please share the relevant reports,”

“There is no place here for blind faith.”

Written to

Health Secretary

Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA)

Potentially critical data, which maps the date of people’s Covid vaccine doses to the date of their deaths,

have been released to pharmaceutical companies but not put into the public domain.

Data should be released “on the same anonymised basis that it was shared with the pharmaceutical groups, and there seems to be no credible reason why that should not be done immediately”.

“Questions about these trends, however, have to date been met by a relative wall of silence from your organisations and other public health officials.”

A DHSC spokesman

“We are committed to data transparency and publish a wide range of data on excess mortality. The datasets published are kept under constant review.”

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