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Sharp Increase in England and Wales Deaths in 2022

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Sharp Increase in England-Wales Deaths
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THE video above explains my couple of blog posts prepared about COVID-19 today [1, 2]. It explains that deaths have sharply increased this year it’s not clear how to identify/explain the cause, only that there is a cause or causes.

The Cops Arrest the Wrong Person (Not Andrew)

'Are the British public ultimately paying for Andrew to avoid appearing in court?'

Double-Masked, Double Purpose (or How to Compel Selfish People and COVIDiots to Respect Social Distance)

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Masked and Isolated
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

ABOUT a year ago our government compelled people to think there was some magical “freedom day” and COVID-19 was no longer a problem. About 50,000 additional deaths later we can all agree it was a self-serving lie from the ‘ruling class’. They just wanted to “reopen” every business (read: bring workers back to their cages), even when it wasn’t necessary to do so.

After passing a number of oppressive new laws we’re meant to think that it’s almost “back to normal”, sans in insane inflation rates. And sadly, many people out there increasingly view masking as an extreme choice and they don’t even try to curb the spread of the virus despite its widely-known long-term harms. I know this from personal experiences of colleagues.

People who think COVID-19 is “old news” are just as bad as those who insisted it was “fake news”; they’re all COVIDiots. In the video above I explain an approach for keeping such people away. It ain’t pretty, but it sure is effective.

To me, the masks (two of them always) serve a double purpose; more important than the fact they might protect me from droplets (I’m well aware of the limitations and efficacy constraints when others aren’t masked) is the fact that people keep away. Looking a little eccentric leads to that but it also signals to people nearby that you do not want close contact.

Robin “Roblimo” Miller and I Regarding GNU/Linux, Patents and More

Summary: New interview with Robin “Roblimo” Miller on behalf of FOSSForce

Fast Pingpong


Ping Pong


Yanyan Playing Pingpong

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