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This Site Turns 20 This Year

AROUND AUTUMN of 2002, when work at the Office (MCC) was relatively quiet and I had spare time, I set myself up with a scholarly-type Web page. The page has since then morphed into this thing and it was moved to its own domain more than a year later. The blog was set up in 2004 along with many other MySQL-powered pieces of software.

This site is not my first site because I also had a webspace in Geocities (since around 1996 or 1997), but it was the first “proper” personal site. Later came Techrights, which isn’t about myself but about issues. Moreover, TuxMachines turns 18 in a number of days, but it was inherited, not founded.

TuxMachines at 18

The British Government’s COVID-19 Policy Needlessly Kills Thousands Per Month

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COVIDiots in Public Office
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THE above video sums up some of my more recent thoughts on the lack of data coming out of the NHS regarding COVID-19. It’s delayed, it’s incomplete, and nowadays it compares apples to oranges. But death figures are a lot harder to manipulate. Here are the latest figures:

Week ending date : Weekly registered deaths

13-05-2022	795
06-05-2022	838
29-04-2022	1,248
22-04-2022	1,185
15-04-2022	1,152
08-04-2022	1,134
01-04-2022	1,063

Compared to the same period last year (with some restrictions remaining):

14-05-2021	164
07-05-2021	139
30-04-2021	232
23-04-2021	290
16-04-2021	402
09-04-2021	422
02-04-2021	450

As I explain in the video above, our government seems to have concluded that the enemy is information or pertinent data, not the virus. As such, restricting access to information (or media distraction) seems to have been adopted as the strategy for the sake of “business as usual”. At what expense and at whose expense?

Inconvenient Facts About COVID-19

Coronavirus visualisation

ABOUT 30 months ago COVID-19 crossed over to Europe. It would soon devastate Italy in particular, then pass on (in a major way) to the UK, leaving us with 200,000 death certificates that say “COVID-19″ on them. And it’s not even over yet.

As of this moment, based on official government-supplied figures, 34% of the British population never received a jab, any jab, for COVID-19. But of course the media presents the data differently. Over 38% never got a second jab, 52% never got a third one.

Why does this matter? Because this past week we reached all-time lows for COVID-19 vaccination in the UK. Just 3,000 for the day, all combined (even boosters). That’s 0.004411% of the population.

The vaccine patent pools are going to look for products [sic] to replace what was lost. No, they won’t pursue mass vaccination in Africa, India etc.

“There’s no money in it…”

It’s about patent monopolies and extraction of money from taxpayers via governments..

If the war on coronavirus is over, then COVID-19 won because it’s everywhere now and politicians have given up fighting. Yet worse, due to greed a lot of the world’s population remains unprotected.

Lessons humans failed to learn from COVID-19 crisis: patents on medicine is a threat to mankind, people should really work from their homes where their job allows this, and the West is far too dependent on imports from overseas sweatshops.

NHS UK: The COVID Numbers Are Down Because We Hardly Track or Share Numbers

Notice the dates; in some cases the numbers are nearly a week behind (today is the 24th, notice it says 18th)

Covid portal

Covid test graph: After lockdown; Lowest testing in />2 years” width=”480″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-5879″ /></a></p>
<p>Are we defeating the virus or fighting perceptions, instead?</p>
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Manchester City Did It!!!

Video stream

NHS UK Retroactively Adds Weeks of Excess Mortality to 2021 (6 Months Later!), We’re Still Seeing Excess Deaths This Spring as Backlogs of Death Certificates Are Caught up With

In a few weeks there will be over 200,000 UK death certificates with “COVID-19″ in them, as we’re now at around 198,000, but how are excess mortalities looking, based on the official report from two days ago (compared to the report from 9 days ago)?

2022 mortality reports

COVID-19 Status in the UK: Blackout and Excess Mortality

ALMOST 3 years have passed since COVID-19 broke out. Is it behind us? No. Ask China. They have lockdowns.

We’re meant to think we’re all “after” COVID-19, based on a lack of data or selective (cherry-picked) data. So one has to look for the data they’re directing away from.

First of all, UK testing numbers (for COVID-19) has fallen to a 2-year low. Seriously! We’re not properly testing anymore and the NHS’s “data people” currently help the regime cover up what’s really happening. I wrote about it last week. They barely release any new numbers.

Even the results they’ve published are clearly manipulated by backlogging. They don’t count everything. Maybe their plan is to add the ‘missing’ numbers some time in the future.

Excess mortality rates (exceeding the normal, expected levels) tell an interesting tale about April. In England and the UK at large, for 3 weeks in a row (for the past 3 week there’s incomplete data, so we shall see what goes on next month) there were excess deaths, especially among old people (over 65). Should we simply ignore that? The lowest number of UK deaths (in 5 years) was around the time of the second lockdown (2021), so lockdowns save lives. Working from home saves minds. Spreading COVID-19 like the plague (my mom got it twice already, in spite of two boosters, and it put her in bed) helps financial firms ‘euthanise’ the people perceived to be a “burden” (pensions and all…) and given the Tory policies — “let the bodies pile up high” — the lockdowns won’t come back until there’s a variant/mutant/derivative optimised to kill very rich people.

At the end… coronavirus won. It spreads everywhere and we don’t try to stop it. It’ll infect people again… and again… and again. Until they die or become partly disabled.

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