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UK Survey on Top Issues as Perceived by the Public

More people reported the rising cost of living and the NHS as important issues facing the UK than the COVID-19 pandemic. Proportion of all adults in Great Britain reporting important issues facing the UK today, 26 October to 6 November 2022:

Issue: (followed by % concerned)
The cost of living 93%
The NHS 82%
The economy 79%
Climate change and the environment? 66%
Housing? 53%
Crime 49%
International conflict 47%
Education? 43%
Immigration? 43%
EU Exit 41%
Employment 31%
The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic 29%
Other  5%

Lots of Money Wasted on Overpriced Products That Do Not Curb COVID-19′s Spread as Advertised

The description:

And Doctors may be punished in California.

10 vaccine doses for every EU citizen

MEP Mr. Cristian Terhes…

Ursula von der Leyen (President of the European commission)

Her actions are currently criminally investigated

Investigating the way the contract were signed

Check on the European Public Prosecutor’s Office claim

Protecting European taxpayers’ money from criminals…

Court of auditors…

It (EU) took measures to help compress the development timeline for vaccines from 10-15 years to 12-24 months.

November 2021

Commission had signed €71 billion worth of contracts

to purchase up to 4.6 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses.

EU population…

2021, 447.01 million

(more than 10 vaccines each)

Contracts never released to the public

The EU had to act ahead of clear scientific data on vaccine candidates’ safety and efficacy,

and therefore chose to back a range of candidates

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine dominates the portfolio in 2022-2023 because of, according to the Commission, the company’s ability to reliably supply the EU.

California Approves Bill to Punish Doctors Who Spread False Information………

California’s Legislature, Monday

Doctors a duty to provide their patients with accurate, science-based information

Approved bill allowing regulators to punish doctors,

for spreading false information about Covid-19 vaccinations and treatments.

Designate spreading false or misleading medical information,
unprofessional conduct

subject to punishment, Medical Board of California

Holding incompetent or ill-intentioned doctors accountable

State Senator Richard Pan

In order for a patient to give informed consent, they have to be well informed

Intended to address the most egregious cases of deliberately misleading patients.

Governor Newsom, seems to be signed for 1st Jan 2023

American Medical Association

Warned that spreading disinformation violates the code of ethics

deliberately disseminated with malicious intent or an intent to mislead

Spreading information that is contradicted by contemporary scientific consensus contrary to the standard of care


to deal directly with doctors’ direct interaction with patients

(does not address comments online or on television)

National (Public) Debt Curves Compared: UK vs France, Germany, Italy, and US

Debt: UK vs France

Debt: UK vs Germany

Debt: UK vs Italy

Debt: UK vs US

The Cops Arrest the Wrong Person (Not Andrew)

'Are the British public ultimately paying for Andrew to avoid appearing in court?'

Our New Unelected Queen is Liz Trump (TruSS), Selected Undemocratically by About 1 in 1,000 Brits (0.1%)

We have our own “orange one” now… and she is also a flamboyant ‘COVIDiot’


The stats don't support my policy

Queen Elizabeth II Dies at 96 After a Series of Health Issues

Memes: Homelander

Reference: Queen Elizabeth II Dies at 96 After a Series of Health Issues

Facts (like COVID-19 science) do not interest TruSSmp.

Without Masks and Social Distancing COVID-19 Puts About 8 Times As Many People in British Hospitals

Latest available figures, released about an hour ago:

2022. Patients in hospital across the UK with COVID-19 (no lock-downs, but no restrictions on distance and exposure):

11-09-2022 5,875
10-09-2022 5,848
09-09-2022 6,020
08-09-2022 6,146
07-09-2022 6,212
06-09-2022 6,400
05-09-2022 6,515
04-09-2022 6,523
03-09-2022 6,484
02-09-2022 6,664
01-09-2022 6,915

Many of the above won’t make it until the Queen’s funeral.

2020. Patients in hospital across the UK with COVID-19 (no lock-downs, but masks worn and distance kept):

12-09-2020 814
11-09-2020 772
10-09-2020 946
09-09-2020 926
08-09-2020 896
07-09-2020 904
06-09-2020 819
05-09-2020 814
04-09-2020 820
03-09-2020 819
02-09-2020 805
01-09-2020 863

Remember: Surviving is one option; leaving the hospitals isn’t the end of it. You’re left scarred for life. After a while, if or when you die, they won’t even count you as a COVID-19 casualty.

Is the ‘convenience’ of ignoring the death toll worth the sacrifice?

It’s possible that the current monarchy ended earlier partly because of COVID-19 (both the husband and the wife).

Queen/monarchy and COVID-19

Maybe she could exceed 80 years in the throne had she not been infected.

Ending Monarchy on a ‘High Note’

Justice and monarchs are not concepts that can be reconciled (to coexist). Let’s choose one over the other.

My thoughts about Elizabeth’s death were expressed online and have been on the public record since the day the death was announced. I personally did not dislike Elizabeth and I know people who had strong opinions, harsh experiences etc. Hence, they disliked her and/or what she stood for.

70+ years is a very long time. It’s a sort of ‘time bridge’ (or wormhole) to the distant past. They insist that the “royals” no longer play any meaningful political role. If that is the case, then what’s the point of them?

Elizabeth was liked by many, both at home and abroad. The same cannot be said about either of her sons, including the elder.

Maybe it’s about time to accept that in a country where many say “eat or heat” it makes no sense to pay a ton of taxpayers’ money for both a funeral and a coronation. Maybe the big funeral can take place. A funeral not just for Elizabeth but also for the monarchy as a whole.

Democratic societies should recognise imperialism for what it is — a relic of the past, a shameful disgrace that involved colonialism, slavery etc. even if euphemisms like “commonwealth” are used (the wealth is not shared; it’s about extraction).

As noted before, Elizabeth seemed like a generally good person. Ending the Monarchy with “Elizabeth the Second” would seem better than ending it with another major scandal/blunder involving Andrew, Charles, and their sex lives.

As a side story, I was a room apart from “the Queen” when I was in London aged about 9*, she passed by us just over a decade ago in her car, and I was close to shaking hands with his son Charles some years when he visited Manchester. There’s nothing magical or exceptional about them, unless you believe the hype of course…

Judge people by their accomplishments, not family heritage.

* If I remember correctly, my parents asked if I could enter to see her too. My Ph.D. Supervisor received an OBE from her (in person). But she hands out a load of these. “BE” stands for something that seems like a stain on one’s reputation in the scientific world. We seek merit, not “medals” from self-appointed ‘royals’. Such medals are meant to serve themselves and their egos.

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