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New Claim: 20% of Deaths Seem to Be Connected to Blood Clotting Issues

“Time for serious action and answers,” Dr. John Campbell says:

I AM hardly surprised that state and corporate media isn’t all over this thing; it has been too busy talking about Pfizer’s share price rather than medical issues.

If we don’t get answers, vaccine hesitancy will (in general) increase and cause a lot of trouble for society for decades to come, burdening health systems.

Companies that made vaccines for COVID-19 did not deny the blood clotting issues, nor did governments, which pulled some of these off the market. This was even in the media, hence no need to speculate about that. It’s also in official Web sites of respectable, rich countries’ governments. No “anti-vaxx” here…

As a side note: New figures from ONS came out less than a day ago. In week 3 of 2024 we have had more than 1,000 (higher number than a thousand) deaths than in week 3 of 2019, i.e. 5 years ago and before COVID-19. That’s more than a thousand additional dead people in just one week in England and Wales. Add up 52 weeks and you’re looking at a large football stadium at full capacity… just for excess deaths.

We need answers. Governments try to conceal answers because they may complicit and thus be held accountable here.

There is a General Election coming up here, so the last thing Tories want right now is a proper investigation rather than “he says, she says” about some “Boris party”.

Amazon 160+ Billion Dollars in Debt and They Tell Us Jezz Bezos is Worth… What?

Jeff Bezos on his super yacht: Don't tell them about Amazon debt

The air; The sea; Anything to escape humans

I‘ve just published this article about a rigged system designed to enrich predators who borrow and then stash money.

You Can Hate Donald Trump and Object to Electronic Voting Machines at the Same Time

Schismogenesis in Bill Gated-funded sites (those machines run Windows with back doors):


I NEED to clarify upfront I do not believe the 2020 election in the United States was “stolen” and I do not support Donald Trump. He disgusts me.

The United States is still “using fraudulent voting machines” with back doors, a friend has reminded me. But the media giants aren’t talking about and “associating opposition to fraudulent voting technologies/products with crazies. Other crazies will defend fraudulent voting technologies/products for no other reason than those two crazies are opposed to them…”

Techrights did at least 2 “statements” on this issue [1, 2] just to clarify voting machines are no good regardless of news sites’ rhetoric.

Quit using opaque electronic voting machines and then lessen the likilohood of armed fanatics storming government buildings in an act of overt insurrection.

Ester McVey, British MP, on Lack of Debate About Safety and Efficacy

“Free Palestine” Does Not Mean What They Tell You It Means

Greater London Authority Fails to Meet GDPR Rules

Data breaches’ handling policies/stance of GLA were not followed when I was there. Here they are in their own words:

GDPR, GLA, and Data Breaches

Meanwhile in the news:

Complaints to Sadiq Khan’s Met police watchdog on public view in ‘data breach’

Also this past weekend:

Metro: Sexual abuse survivor ‘appalled’ after personal details leaked in data breach

Summary: This past weekend Greater London Authority’s managers came under fire for mishandling of data (this went on for months!) and it wasn’t even the first time; usually they keep quiet about such things and hope nobody will notice while IT people — including Sirius ‘Open Source’ — are retroactively ‘fixing’ these issues

The Long History of Greater London Authority Data Protection Blunders

Summary: Data security and system security at Greater London Authority’s Web site haven’t been good; today we share just a couple of examples which help refute statements issued by Greater London Authority after a scandal that had made it to the mainstream media

MY! It really takes a liar to progress to management. The better the liar, the higher up the role.

As I mentioned the other day, there’s somewhat of a blunder since Friday when the news broke:

London Mayor's Office data breach: Sexual abuse survivor 'appalled' as her personal details may have been accessible online

The following conspicuous statement is worth assessing, as I was working on the sites (various aspects, some microsites too) for 9 years.

GLA security assurance

You would expect them to say that, wouldn’t you?

As I said on Saturday morning, this has deja vu written all over it.

to give one example (there are more):

GLA: Google security alert

GLA security issue

It wasn’t Sirius stuff (and certainly wasn’t me) who configured those terribly buggy forms.

GLA: Drupal access

GLA: Drupal permissions

As lying bosses at Sirius might say, “it doesn’t look good…”

It’s not the fault of Sirius either, at least not in this case.

The worst part of it is, as far as I’m aware GLA never publicly reported or disclosed this incident (sometimes this is legally required upon discovery or within a number of days, including informing those potentially affected, like people with their identity cards uploaded and widely available to the general public).

This isn’t the only such example.

2 years later even malicious scripts/programs could be uploaded. It was only detected after it had happened. Here are some fragments of old messages:

GLA: can uploaded malware

GLA: any file uploaded

This is a penalty for not scanning/sanitising uploads/input.

Why am I publishing these (redacted sensibly)? Because lying is wrong and privacy problems are the problem, speaking about them is not the problem. It is the moral thing to do — to point out it is a repeat offender so to speak. There is an obligation here to debunk false assurances, as this has gone on for years already.

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