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2024 Looks Like Another Year of 50,000+ Excess Deaths Across the UK

Like last year

IN the morning (around 10AM) ONS published these latest figures of public interest, this time with Week 6 mortalities in England and Wales (not Scotland). It’s about 1,000 higher than it was before the pandemic (for this one week alone, only in England and Wales).

mortalities in England and Wales 2024 week 6

In Week 6 of 2019 it was about 11.5k deaths compared to 12.5k this year and in 5 years prior to and including 2019 we also see total mortality at about 11.5k.

mortalities in England and Wales 2019 week 6

WHO says the pandemic is behind us, but if 100,000+ Brits needlessly die (excess deaths) in 2023 and 2024, then quit listening to WHO, which tries to pat itself on the should for a job jab well done.

E.ON Next is Spamming All Clients With Spy Meter Nags Even Years After Promising to Stop This

How many years will those lies and SPAM carry on for? There’s no “opt out”.

SEVERAL years ago I wrote about the spamming I had been receiving about spy meters. I must have been nagged about it about 100 times already. It’s very time consuming at this rate and frequency. They even phone us sometimes to nag us about it.

By their own admission, more than a third of their clients do not want spy meters. So we’re not some tiny minority or a ‘fringe’.

Anyway, in recent days they kept spamming me some more and even a day after they told me it would stop they carried on as usual. See below.

E.ON Next wrote on 19/02/2024 15:20:
> Hi Roy Schestowitz,????
> Thank you for your email.
> I am Shameemah Your Energy Specialist that will be assisting you today.
> We have reviewed your account and due to what you have mentioned we have updated your email address on the account to the one you have provided us with [...].
> We have done a few health checks on the account and we can see that we do require up to date meter readings this is to avoid your readings being estimated and we need regular readings to bill your account accurately to that you won’t be under or over charged as this could lead to future debt onto your account and we do not want that.
> To avoid this I know the days can get busy and can forget we do see that you are eligible to have a free smart meter installed its not complicated basically like the normal meter, however with a smart meter we will be getting readings automatically without you have to send manual readings regularly, your account will be billed regularly and accurately, you will also receive a free in home display a monitor which you will be able to monitor your usage.
> Before I can book your appointment there are just a few questions I need you to answer so I can ensure the appointment is correct and the engineer has all the information they’re going to need on the day.

I already told you, REPEATEDLY, to stop spamming me about this.

You agreed but didn’t keep the promise.

You’re still doing this.

Please STOP.

Ross from E.ON Next wrote on 19/02/2024 18:42:
> Hello Roy.
> I will remove correspondence about this from your account.

Nonsense. The SPAM continues just less than 24 hours later.
I will relay to you the SPAM.

At this stage I might just terminate the contract with you and report the SPAM, or unsolicited mail.

Notice the date on this email

——– Forwarded Message ——–
Subject: smart meters
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2024 11:30:47 +0000
From: Shameemah from E.ON Next <>

Hi Roy Schestowitz,????

Thank you for your email.

I am Shameemah Your Energy Specialist that will be assisting you today.

We have reviewed your account and due to what you have mentioned we have updated your email address on the account to the one you have provided us with ….

[then pushing for spy meters again]

Over 50,000 Excess Deaths in the UK Last Year

New video:

Text and links:

Actually, war time levels of deaths.

UK, weeks 1 – 44, 2023

49,389 (9.44%)

Covid deaths, 18,591

UK, 2022

52,514 (9.26%)

UK excess deaths
2022 + 2023 = 101,903

Height of the Blitz, September 1940 to May 1941

UK civilian deaths, 40,000

Total civilian deaths for WW2, 70,000

US, weeks 1 – 37, 2023

155,763 (7.8%)

Covid deaths, 76,187

US, 2022

495,749 (17.53)

US excess deaths
2022 + 2023 = 651,512

Total US deaths in Vietnam war

The U.S. National Archives shows that 58,220 U.S. soldiers perished.

Hungary, weeks 1 – 44, 2023

-3,785 (-3.2%)

Poland, weeks 1 – 43, 2023

104 (0.13%)

Slovak republic, weeks 1 – 43, 2023

-774 (-1.54%)

Sweden, weeks 1 – 44, 2023

-529 (0.6%)

COVID, the untold story. So much more makes sense after this book and my first illuminating discussion with Dr. Craig. Get your copy in the UK here:

For friends in the US get your copy here,

This dataset presents the latest data on All-cause death statistics

Excess mortality and COVID-19 deaths, by week, for all OECD countries for which data are available.

The expected number of deaths is based on the average number of deaths for the same week, (2015-19)

This baseline could be considered a lower estimate of the expected number of deaths since both population growth and an ageing population would be expected to push up the number of deaths observed each year.

For example, New Zealand saw its population grow by around 9% since 2015, with the number of people aged 65 and over increasing by 18%.

Excess Deaths Everywhere, Even in 2024

Description and links:

Our world in data excess mortality link…

ONS link for deaths from covid in care homes…

Health improvements and disparities…


John Watt and the Prime Minister keeps his word

I’m an Australian embalmer and we are seeing the same clots

i have a friend who is a funeral director here in new zealand i asked him he said he was finding the same thing and i live in a small town .

I know a guy who’s wife is an embalmer. She said ever since the you know what she has never seen so many cases of clotted arteries in her life.

My Daughter passed away 29 years old. A Blood Clot they called it a Thrombotic Pulmonary embolism. The coroner told me that she was presenting these white type Clots. She was a New Mother and I miss Her dearly. I get upset thinking that when she had her jab they double dosed her. The Public Health Org. was supposed to follow up with Her but they didnt.

As a physician practicing in the USA, I’m extremely concerned about the rising excess deaths and its correlations to 2021 . Practitioner’s need to be brave and continue to speak out with compassion to educate our patients. I believe the dam is ready to break soon.

Johns past few episodes alone should be a wake-up call for an independent review body. There should be at the very least a database showing if the deceased were vaccinated or not and if so what type(s) of vaccine were administered. Thanks for highlighting these findings John.

I know of a 64 year old man, perfectly healthy, fully jabbed who died of a massive heart attack 2 months ago. The hospital ordered no autopsy! His wife has employed a Solicitor to insist an autopsy is done. Funny, it’s like the hospital has something to hide…can’t think why?

E.ON Next Admits More Than a Third of Customers Reject ‘Smart Meter’

In yet another SPAM from E.ON Next (they keep spamming with mail, as in snail mail, plus phonecalls) they say a “whopping 64% of our customers have already upgraded [sic] to a smart meter”.

Really? A “whopping” less than 2 thirds? That’s far less than they had us believe.

‘Smart Meter’ are failing to be adopted after a decade of FUD and scare tactics.

About 5,000 More Deaths in England and Wales Last Month Than Same Month 5 Years Ago

12,662 mortalities in England and Wales for the week ending February 2

The new numbers from ONS are out as of this morning, counting 12,662 mortalities in England and Wales for the week ending February 2. That’s about 50,000 for the month of January and a lot more than before the pandemic. As per this new video (“Question to prime minister”), our government refuses to deal with simple questions on this matter, more so ahead of a General Election.

Blood Clots the Media Barely Talks About

New video:

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